cfme.utils.deprecation module

cfme.utils.deprecation.removed_in_fw30(f=None, *, message=None, version=None, removal_version='framework 3.0', stacklevel=3, category=None)

Decorates a function, method, or class to emit a deprecation warning

Due to limitations of the wrapt library (and python) itself, if this is applied to subclasses of metaclasses then it likely will not work as expected. More information can be found at bug #1520397 to see if this situation affects your usage of this universal decorator, for this specific scenario please use removed_class() instead.

  • message (str) – A message to include in the deprecation warning

  • version (str) – Specify what version the removed function is present in

  • removal_version (str) – What version the function will be removed. If ‘?’ is used this implies an undefined future version

  • stacklevel (int) – How many entries deep in the call stack before ignoring

  • category (type) – warnings message category (this defaults to DeprecationWarning when none is provided)