cfme.test_requirements module

Test requirements mapping

This module contains predefined pytest markers for MIQ/CFME product requirements.

Please import the module instead of elements:

from cfme import test_requirements

pytestmark = [test_requirements.alert]

def test_quota_alert():

The markers can have metadata kwargs assigned to them These fields will be parsed for dump2polarion export, and will populate the work items in polarion

The first argument to the marker definition is the title of the requirement. The assigned name of the marker object is equivalent to the ‘short name’ of the requirement.


Included for quick reference, but potentially inaccurate See dump2polarion.exporters.requirements_exporter for up-to-date information Above module is converting pythonic keys (assignee_id) into polarion compatible keys (‘assignee-id’) Supported requirement metadata fields (and example data)