Source code for cfme.markers.fixtureconf

"""fixtureconf: Marker for passing args and kwargs to test fixtures

Positional and keyword arguments to this marker will be stored on test items
in the _fixtureconf attribute (dict). kwargs will be stored as-is, the args
tuple will be packed into the dict under the 'args' key.

Use the "fixtureconf" fixture in tests to easily access the fixtureconf dict

[docs]def pytest_configure(config): config.addinivalue_line('markers', __doc__.splitlines()[0])
[docs]def pytest_runtest_setup(item): fixtureconf_mark = item.keywords.get('fixtureconf') args = getattr(fixtureconf_mark, 'args', tuple()) kwargs = getattr(fixtureconf_mark, 'kwargs', dict()) fixtureconf = dict() fixtureconf['args'] = args fixtureconf.update(kwargs) # "item" becomes "request.node" in fixtures down the line # remember to use the request fixture in fixture funcargs item._fixtureconf = fixtureconf