Source code for cfme.exceptions

# -*- coding: utf-8 -*-
"""Provides custom exceptions for the ``cfme`` module. """

[docs]class CFMEException(Exception): """Base class for exceptions in the CFME tree Used to easily catch errors of our own making, versus errors from external libraries. """ pass
[docs]class ApplianceVersionException(CFMEException): """Raised when functionality is not supported on this version of the appliance""" def __init__(self, msg, version): self.msg = msg self.version = version def __str__(self): return "Version {} not supported. {}".format(self.version, self.msg)
[docs]class BugException(CFMEException): """Raised by methods inside the framework that are broken due to a bug""" def __init__(self, bug_no, operation): self.bug_no = bug_no self.operation = operation def __str__(self): return "Bug {} blocks the operation [{}]".format(self.bug_no, self.operation)
[docs]class ConsoleNotSupported(CFMEException): """Raised by functions in :py:mod:`cfme.configure.configuration` when an invalid console type is given""" def __init__(self, product_name, version): self.product_name = product_name self.version = version def __str__(self): return "Console not supported on current version: {} {}".format( self.product_name, self.version )
[docs]class ConsoleTypeNotSupported(CFMEException): """Raised by functions in :py:mod:`cfme.configure.configuration` when an invalid console type is given""" def __init__(self, console_type): self.console_type = console_type def __str__(self): return "Console type not supported: {}".format(self.console_type)
[docs]class TaskFailedException(CFMEException): """Raised by functions in :py:mod:`cfme/configure/tasks` when task is finished with some error message""" def __init__(self, task_name, message): self.task_name = task_name self.message = message def __str__(self): return "Task {} error: {}".format(self.task_name, self.message)
[docs]class CFMEExceptionOccured(CFMEException): """Raised by when there is a Rails exception currently on page.""" pass
[docs]class ToolbarOptionGreyedOrUnavailable(CFMEException): """Raised when toolbar wants to click item that is greyed or unavailable""" pass
[docs]class AddProviderError(CFMEException): pass
[docs]class AuthModeUnknown(CFMEException): """ Raised if an invalid authenctication mode is passed to :py:func:`cfme.configure.configuration.ServerAuthentication.configure_auth` """ pass
[docs]class AutomateImportError(CFMEException): """Raised by scripts dealing with Automate when importing automate XML fails""" pass
[docs]class CandidateNotFound(CFMEException): """ Raised if there is no candidate found whilst trying to traverse a tree """ def __init__(self, d): self.d = d @property def message(self): return ", ".join("{}: {}".format(k, v) for k, v in self.d.items()) def __str__(self): return self.message
[docs]class HostStatsNotContains(CFMEException): """ Raised if the hosts information does not contain the specified key whilst running :py:meth:``. """ pass
[docs]class RackStatsDoesNotContain(CFMEException): """ Raised if the rack information does not contain the specified key whilst running :py:meth:``. """ pass
[docs]class ChassisStatsDoesNotContain(CFMEException): """ Raised if the chassis information does not contain the specified key whilst running :py:meth:``. """ pass
[docs]class CannotContinueWithNavigation(CFMEException): """Used when it is not possible to continue with navigation. Raising it will recycle the browser, therefore refresh the session. If you pass a string to the constructor, it will be written to the log. """ pass
[docs]class ProviderHasNoKey(CFMEException): """ Raised if the :py:meth:`` method is called but the Provider instance has no key. """ pass
[docs]class ProviderHasNoProperty(CFMEException): """ Raised if the provider does not have the property requested whilst running :py:meth:``. """ pass
[docs]class RequestException(CFMEException): """ Raised if a request was not found or multiple rows matched during _request functions in :py:mod:`` """ pass
[docs]class VmNotFoundViaIP(CFMEException): """ Raised if a specific VM cannot be found. """ pass
[docs]class NodeNotFound(CFMEException): """Raised if a specific container node cannot be found in the UI""" pass
[docs]class KeyPairNotFound(CFMEException): """ Raised if a specific cloud key pair cannot be found in the UI """ pass
[docs]class OptionNotAvailable(CFMEException): """ Raised if a specified option is not available. """ pass
[docs]class UnknownProviderType(CFMEException): """ Raised when the passed provider or provider type is not known or usable in given context e.g. when getting a provider from yaml and the provider type doesn't match any of known types or when an infra provider is passed to the cloud's instance_factory method """ pass
[docs]class CannotScrollException(CFMEException): """Raised when even during the heaviest workarounds for scrolling failure comes."""
[docs]class CUCommandException(CFMEException): """Raised when one of the commands run to set up a CU VM fails """ pass
[docs]class LabelNotFoundException(Exception): "Raises when failed to remove label from object via cli" pass
[docs]class DestinationNotFound(CFMEException): """Raised during navigation where the navigator destination is not found"""
[docs]class ItemNotFound(CFMEException): """Raised when an item is not found in general."""
[docs]class ManyEntitiesFound(CFMEException): """Raised when one or no items were expected but several/many items were obtained instead."""
[docs]class RBACOperationBlocked(CFMEException): """ Raised when a Role Based Access Control operation is blocked from execution due to invalid permissions. Also thrown when trying to perform actions CRUD operations on roles/groups/users that are CFME defaults """
[docs]class ChargebackRateNotFound(CFMEException): """Raised when a given chargeback (compute or storage) rate is not found during navigation"""
[docs]class StatsDoNotMatch(CFMEException): """ Raised if the stats retrieved from CFME do not match those retrieved by wrapanapi """ pass
[docs]class CollectionFilteringError(CFMEException): """Raised when an action on an un-filtered collection is attempted that requires a filter Common example would be navigation to an 'AllForProvider' destination against a collection that does not have a provider filter """ def __init__(self, collection, filter_key): self.collection = collection self.filter_key = filter_key def __str__(self): return 'Action on Collection ({}) requires a filter: ({})'.format(self.collection, self.filter_key)
[docs]class NeedleNotFoundInLog(CFMEException): """Raised when log doesnt't contain needle"""
@property def displayed_not_implemented(cls): raise NotImplementedError("This view has no unique markers for is_displayed check")