cfme.test_framework.config module

classes to manage the cfme test framework configuration

class cfme.test_framework.config.Configuration[source]

Bases: object

holds the current configuration

configure(config_dir, crypt_key_file=None)[source]

do the defered initial loading of the configuration

  • config_dir – path to the folder with configuration files

  • crypt_key_file – optional name of a file holding the key for encrypted configuration files


AssertionError if called more than once

if the utils.conf api is removed, the loading can be transformed to eager loading


returns a yaycl config object


name – name of the configuration object

class cfme.test_framework.config.DeprecatedConfigWrapper(configuration, warn=False)[source]

Bases: object

a wrapper that provides the old :code:utils.conf api

property runtime