Scripts for dealing with Bugzilla metadata, listing BZs with coverage, and setting qe_test_coverage flag. This script looks at test-case metadata for the flags “automates” and “coverage”, and fetches information about the BZs listed there.

For usage see, “miq bz –help”

The basic usage of this command is via

>>> miq bz <command> <directory>

where <command> is one of report, list, or coverage, and <directory> is the testing directory, e.g. “cfme/tests/control/”

To list BZs that this script would set coverage for, you can do,

>>> miq bz coverage <directory>

This will print out the ids of BZs that could have qe_test_coverage switched to ‘+’ To then set qe_test_coverage on those BZs, you can do,

>>> miq bz coverage --set <directory>[source], bz_status)[source]

Given info (what is returned from yaml.load on bz-report.yaml), This function screens and returns only BZs which are OPEN, if open_only=True, otherwise it returns all BZs[source]