Source code for cfme.utils.virtual_machines

"""Helper functions related to the creation and destruction of virtual machines and instances
import pytest

import six
from cfme.utils.providers import get_crud
from cfme.fixtures.pytest_store import store
from novaclient.exceptions import OverLimit as OSOverLimit
from import Error as RHEVRequestError
from wrapanapi.exceptions import VMInstanceNotCloned
from wrapanapi import AzureSystem
from ssl import SSLError
from cfme.utils.log import logger

DEFAULT_SKIP = (OSOverLimit, RHEVRequestError, VMInstanceNotCloned, SSLError)

[docs]def deploy_template(provider_key, vm_name, template_name=None, timeout=900, **deploy_args): """ Args: provider_key: Provider key on which the VM is to be created vm_name: Name of the VM to be deployed template_name: Name of the template that the VM is deployed from timeout: the timeout for template deploy Returns: wrapanapi.entities.Vm or wrapanapi.entities.Instance object """ allow_skip = deploy_args.pop("allow_skip", ()) if isinstance(allow_skip, dict): skip_exceptions = allow_skip.keys() callable_mapping = allow_skip elif isinstance(allow_skip, six.string_types) and allow_skip.lower() == "default": skip_exceptions = DEFAULT_SKIP callable_mapping = {} else: skip_exceptions = allow_skip callable_mapping = {} provider_crud = get_crud(provider_key) deploy_args.update(vm_name=vm_name) if template_name is None: try: template_name =['templates']['small_template']['name'] except KeyError: raise KeyError('small_template not defined for Provider {} in cfme_data.yaml' .format(provider_key)) deploy_args.update(template=template_name) deploy_args.update(provider_crud.deployment_helper(deploy_args))"Getting ready to deploy VM/instance %s from template %s on provider %s", vm_name, deploy_args['template'],['name']) try: try: logger.debug("Deploy args: %s", deploy_args) if isinstance(provider_crud.mgmt, AzureSystem): template = provider_crud.mgmt.get_template( template_name, container=deploy_args['template_container']) else: template = provider_crud.mgmt.get_template(template_name) vm = template.deploy(timeout=timeout, **deploy_args)"Provisioned VM/instance %r", vm) except Exception as e: logger.exception( 'Could not provisioning VM/instance %s (%s: %s)', vm_name, type(e).__name__, str(e) ) for vm_to_cleanup in provider_crud.mgmt.find_vms(vm_name): try: vm_to_cleanup.cleanup() except Exception as e: logger.exception("Unable to clean up vm: %r", raise except skip_exceptions as e: e_c = type(e) if e_c in callable_mapping and not callable_mapping[e_c](e): raise # Make it visible also in the log. store.write_line( "Skipping due to a provider error: {}: {}\n".format(e_c.__name__, str(e)), purple=True) logger.exception(e) pytest.skip("{}: {}".format(e_c.__name__, str(e))) return vm