Source code for cfme.utils.appliance.implementations.ssui

import time
from inspect import isclass

import os
from cached_property import cached_property
from jsmin import jsmin
from navmazing import Navigate, NavigateStep
from selenium.common.exceptions import NoSuchElementException
from widgetastic.browser import Browser, DefaultPlugin

from cfme import exceptions
from cfme.utils.browser import manager
from cfme.utils.log import logger, create_sublogger
from cfme.utils.wait import wait_for
from cfme.fixtures.pytest_store import store
from . import Implementation

[docs]class MiqSSUIBrowser(Browser): def __init__(self, selenium, endpoint, extra_objects=None): extra_objects = extra_objects or {} extra_objects.update({ 'appliance': endpoint.owner, 'endpoint': endpoint, 'store': store, }) super(MiqSSUIBrowser, self).__init__( selenium, plugin_class=MiqSSUIBrowserPlugin, logger=create_sublogger('MiqSSUIBrowser'), extra_objects=extra_objects) self.window_handle = selenium.current_window_handle # TODO: Use the same base class for both UI & SSUI since they are 99% the same 'Opened browser %s %s', selenium.capabilities.get('browserName', 'unknown'), selenium.capabilities.get('version', 'unknown')) @property def appliance(self): return self.extra_objects['appliance']
[docs] def create_view(self, *args, **kwargs): return self.appliance.ssui.create_view(*args, **kwargs)
@property def product_version(self): return self.appliance.version
[docs]class MiqSSUIBrowserPlugin(DefaultPlugin): ENSURE_PAGE_SAFE = jsmin(''' function checkProgressBar() { try { return $('#ngProgress').attr('style').indexOf('width: 0%') > -1; } catch(err) { // Not ready yet return false; } } function checkJquery() { if(typeof $ == 'undefined') { return true; } else { return !($.active > 0); } } return checkProgressBar() && checkJquery();''')
[docs] def ensure_page_safe(self, timeout='20s'): # THIS ONE SHOULD ALWAYS USE JAVASCRIPT ONLY, NO OTHER SELENIUM INTERACTION def _check(): result = self.browser.execute_script(self.ENSURE_PAGE_SAFE, silent=True) # TODO: Logging return bool(result) wait_for(_check, timeout=timeout, delay=2, silent_failure=True, very_quiet=True)
[docs] def after_keyboard_input(self, element, keyboard_input): self.browser.plugin.ensure_page_safe()
[docs]class SSUINavigateStep(NavigateStep): VIEW = None @cached_property def view(self): if self.VIEW is None: raise AttributeError('{} does not have VIEW specified'.format(type(self).__name__)) return self.create_view(self.VIEW, additional_context={'object': self.obj}) @property def appliance(self): return self.obj.appliance
[docs] def create_view(self, *args, **kwargs): return self.appliance.ssui.create_view(*args, **kwargs)
[docs] def am_i_here(self): try: return self.view.is_displayed except (AttributeError, NoSuchElementException): return False
[docs] def pre_navigate(self, *args, **kwargs): self.appliance.browser.open_browser(url_key=self.obj.appliance.server.address())
[docs] def do_nav(self, _tries=0, *args, **kwargs): """Describes how the navigation should take place.""" try: self.step(*args, **kwargs) except Exception as e: logger.error(e) raise self.go(_tries, *args, **kwargs)
[docs] def log_message(self, msg, level="debug"): class_name = self.obj.__name__ if isclass(self.obj) else self.obj.__class__.__name__ str_msg = "[SUI-NAV/{}/{}]: {}".format(class_name, self._name, msg) getattr(logger, level)(str_msg)
[docs] def construct_message(self, here, resetter, view, duration, waited): str_here = "Already Here" if here else "Needed Navigation" str_resetter = "Resetter Used" if resetter else "No Resetter" str_view = "View Returned" if view else "No View Available" str_waited = "Waited on View" if waited else "No Wait on View" return "{}/{}/{}/{} (elapsed {}ms)".format( str_here, str_resetter, str_view, str_waited, duration )
[docs] def go(self, _tries=0, *args, **kwargs): nav_args = {'use_resetter': True, 'wait_for_view': False} self.log_message("Beginning SUI Navigation...", level="info") start_time = time.time() if _tries > 2: # Need at least three tries: # 1: login_admin handles an alert or CannotContinueWithNavigation appears. # 2: Everything should work. If not, NavigationError. raise exceptions.NavigationError(self._name) _tries += 1 for arg in nav_args: if arg in kwargs: nav_args[arg] = kwargs.pop(arg) self.pre_navigate(_tries, *args, **kwargs) here = False resetter_used = False waited = False try: here = self.am_i_here() except Exception as e: self.log_message( "Exception raised [{}] whilst checking if already here".format(e), level="error") if not here: self.log_message("Prerequisite Needed") self.prerequisite_view = self.prerequisite() self.do_nav(_tries, *args, **kwargs) if nav_args['use_resetter']: resetter_used = True self.resetter() self.post_navigate(_tries) view = self.view if self.VIEW is not None else None duration = int((time.time() - start_time) * 1000) if view and nav_args['wait_for_view'] and not os.environ.get( 'DISABLE_NAVIGATE_ASSERT', False): waited = True wait_for( lambda: view.is_displayed, num_sec=10, message="Waiting for view [{}] to display".format(view.__class__.__name__) ) self.log_message( self.construct_message(here, resetter_used, view, duration, waited), level="info" ) return view
navigator = Navigate() navigate_to = navigator.navigate
[docs]class ViaSSUI(Implementation): name = "SSUI" navigator = navigator def __str__(self): return 'SSUI' @cached_property def widgetastic(self): """This gives us a widgetastic browser.""" # TODO: Make this a property that could watch for browser change? browser = self.open_browser(url_key=self.appliance.server.address()) wt = MiqSSUIBrowser(browser, self) manager.add_cleanup(self._reset_cache) return wt