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import attr

from widgetastic.widget import View
from widgetastic_patternfly import Button, Input
from import GoogleCloudSystem

from cfme.base.credential import ServiceAccountCredential
from import GCEInstance
from cfme.common.provider import DefaultEndpoint
from import GoogleCatalogItem
from . import CloudProvider

[docs]class GCEEndpoint(DefaultEndpoint): """ represents default GCE endpoint (Add/Edit dialogs) """ credential_class = ServiceAccountCredential @property def view_value_mapping(self): return {}
[docs]class GCEEndpointForm(View): """ represents default GCE endpoint form in UI (Add/Edit dialogs) """ service_account = Input('service_account') validate = Button('Validate')
[docs]class GCEProvider(CloudProvider): """ BaseProvider->CloudProvider->GCEProvider class. represents CFME provider and operations available in UI """ catalog_item_type = GoogleCatalogItem type_name = "gce" mgmt_class = GoogleCloudSystem vm_class = GCEInstance db_types = ["Google::CloudManager"] endpoints_form = GCEEndpointForm settings_key = 'ems_google' project = attr.ib(default=None) region = attr.ib(default=None) region_name = attr.ib(default=None) @property def view_value_mapping(self): endpoints = { 'name':, 'prov_type': 'Google Compute Engine', 'region': self.region_name, 'project_id': self.project } if self.appliance.version >= '5.9.2': # from 5.9.2 we are not supporting region selection for GCE del endpoints['region'] return endpoints @classmethod
[docs] def from_config(cls, prov_config, prov_key): endpoint = GCEEndpoint(**prov_config['endpoints']['default']) return cls.appliance.collections.cloud_providers.instantiate( prov_class=cls, name=prov_config['name'], project=prov_config['project'], zone=prov_config['zone'], region=prov_config['region'], region_name=prov_config['region_name'], endpoints={ endpoint}, key=prov_key)
[docs] def get_credentials(cls, credential_dict, cred_type=None): """Processes a credential dictionary into a credential object. Args: credential_dict: A credential dictionary. cred_type: Type of credential (None, token, ssh, amqp, ...) Returns: A :py:class:`cfme.base.credential.ServiceAccountCredential` instance. """ return ServiceAccountCredential.from_config(credential_dict)