cfme.fixtures.authentication module

cfme.fixtures.authentication.auth_user_data(auth_provider, user_type)[source]

Grab user data attrdict from auth provider’s user data in yaml

Expected formatting of yaml containing user data:

test_users: -

username: ldapuser2 password: mysecretpassworddontguess fullname: Ldap User2 groups:

  • customgroup1
  • freeipa01
  • uid

Only include user data for users where the user_type matches that under test

Assert the data isn’t empty, and skip the test if so

cfme.fixtures.authentication.configure_auth(appliance, auth_mode, auth_provider, user_type, request, fix_missing_hostname)[source]

Given auth_mode, auth_provider, user_type parametrization, configure auth for login testing.

Saves original auth settings Configures external or internal auth modes Separate freeipa / openldap config methods and finalizers Restores original auth settings after yielding

cfme.fixtures.authentication.setup_aws_auth_provider(appliance, amazon_auth_provider)[source]

Configure AWS IAM authentication mode