Source code for cfme.configure.configuration.analysis_profile

# -*- coding: utf-8 -*-
from copy import deepcopy

from navmazing import NavigateToSibling, NavigateToAttribute, NavigationDestinationNotFound
from widgetastic.widget import View, Text, ConditionalSwitchableView
from widgetastic.utils import Fillable
from widgetastic_patternfly import Dropdown, Button, CandidateNotFound, TextInput, Tab
from widgetastic_manageiq import (
    Table, PaginationPane, SummaryFormItem, Checkbox, CheckboxSelect, DynamicTable)

from cfme.base.login import BaseLoggedInPage
from cfme.base.ui import ConfigurationView
from cfme.utils.appliance import Navigatable
from cfme.utils.appliance.implementations.ui import navigator, CFMENavigateStep, navigate_to
from cfme.utils.pretty import Pretty
from cfme.utils.update import Updateable

table_button_classes = [Button.DEFAULT, Button.SMALL, Button.BLOCK]

[docs]class AnalysisProfileToolbar(View): """Toolbar on the analysis profiles configuration page Works for both all page and details page """ configuration = Dropdown('Configuration')
[docs]class AnalysisProfileEntities(View): """Main content on the analysis profiles configuration page, title and table""" title = Text('//div[@id="main-content"]//h1[@id="explorer_title"]' '/span[@id="explorer_title_text"]') table = Table('//div[@id="records_div"]//table|//div[@class="miq-data-table"]//table')
[docs]class AnalysisProfileDetailsEntities(View): """Main content on an analysis profile details page""" title = Text('//div[@id="main-content"]//h1[@id="explorer_title"]' '/span[@id="explorer_title_text"]') info_name = SummaryFormItem(group_title='Info', item_name='Name') info_description = SummaryFormItem(group_title='Info', item_name='Description') info_type = SummaryFormItem(group_title='Info', item_name='Type') table = Table('//h3[normalize-space(.)="File Items"]/following-sibling::table')
# TODO 'Event Log Items' below the table doesn't have a label, SummaryFormItem doesn't work
[docs]class AnalysisProfileAllView(BaseLoggedInPage): """View for the Analysis Profile collection page""" @property def is_displayed(self): return (self.logged_in_as_current_user and self.sidebar.accordions.settings.tree.selected_item.text == 'Analysis Profiles' and self.entities.title.text == 'Settings Analysis Profiles') toolbar = View.nested(AnalysisProfileToolbar) sidebar = View.nested(ConfigurationView) entities = View.nested(AnalysisProfileEntities) paginator = View.nested(PaginationPane)
[docs]class AnalysisProfileDetailsView(BaseLoggedInPage): """View for an analysis profile details page""" @property def is_displayed(self): return ( self.logged_in_as_current_user and self.entities.title.text == 'Settings Analysis Profile "{}"' .format(self.context['object'].name)) toolbar = View.nested(AnalysisProfileToolbar) sidebar = View.nested(ConfigurationView) entities = View.nested(AnalysisProfileDetailsEntities)
[docs]class AnalysisProfileBaseAddForm(View): """View for the common elements of the two AP forms""" name = TextInput(id='name') description = TextInput(id='description') @View.nested class files(Tab): # noqa TAB_NAME = 'File' tab_form = DynamicTable( locator='.//h3[normalize-space(.)="File Entry"]/following-sibling::table', column_widgets={ 'Name': TextInput(id='entry_fname'), 'Collect Contents?': Checkbox(id='entry_content'), 'Actions': Button(title='Add this entry', classes=table_button_classes)}, assoc_column='Name', rows_ignore_top=1, action_row=0) @View.nested class events(Tab): # noqa TAB_NAME = 'Event Log' tab_form = DynamicTable( locator='.//h3[normalize-space(.)="Event Log Entry"]/following-sibling::table', column_widgets={ 'Name': TextInput(id='entry_name'), 'Filter Message': TextInput(id='entry_message'), 'Level': TextInput(id='entry_level'), 'Source': TextInput(id='entry_source'), '# of Days': TextInput(id='entry_num_days'), 'Actions': Button(title='Add this entry', classes=table_button_classes)}, assoc_column='Name', rows_ignore_top=1, action_row=0)
[docs]class AnalysisProfileAddView(BaseLoggedInPage): """View for the add form, switches between host/vm based on object type Uses a switchable view based on the profile type widget """ @property def is_displayed(self): return ( self.title.text == 'Adding a new Analysis Profile' and self.profile_type.text == self.context['object'].profile_type) title = Text('//div[@id="main-content"]//h1[@id="explorer_title"]' '/span[@id="explorer_title_text"]') # This is a ALMOST a SummaryFormItem, but there's no div to wrap the items so it doesn't work # instead I have this nasty xpath to hack around that profile_type = Text( locator='.//h3[normalize-space(.)="Basic Information"]' '/following-sibling::div[@class="form-group"]' '/label[normalize-space(.)="Type"]' '/following-sibling::div') form = ConditionalSwitchableView(reference='profile_type') # to avoid dynamic table buttons use title + alt + classes add = Button(title='Add', classes=[Button.PRIMARY], alt='Add') cancel = Button(title='Cancel', classes=[Button.DEFAULT], alt='Cancel') @form.register('Host') class AnalysisProfileAddHost(AnalysisProfileBaseAddForm): """View for the host profile add form""" pass @form.register('Vm') class AnalysisProfileAddVm(AnalysisProfileBaseAddForm): """View for the vm profile add form""" @View.nested class categories(Tab): # noqa TAB_NAME = 'Category' tab_form = CheckboxSelect(search_root='form_div') @View.nested class registry(Tab): # noqa TAB_NAME = 'Registry' tab_form = DynamicTable( locator='.//h3[normalize-space(.)="Registry Entry"]/following-sibling::table', column_widgets={ 'Registry Hive': Text('.//tr[@id="new_tr"]/td[normalize-space(.)="HKLM"]'), 'Registry Key': TextInput(id='entry_kname'), 'Registry Value': TextInput(id='entry_value'), 'Actions': Button(title='Add this entry', classes=table_button_classes)}, assoc_column='Registry Key', rows_ignore_top=1, action_row=0)
[docs]class AnalysisProfileEditView(AnalysisProfileAddView): """View for the edit form, extends add view since all fields are the same and editable""" @property def is_displayed(self): expected_title = 'Editing Analysis Profile "{}"'.format(self.context['object'].name) return ( self.title.text == expected_title and self.profile_type.text == self.context['object'].profile_type) # to avoid dynamic table buttons use title + alt + classes save = Button(title='Save Changes', classes=[Button.PRIMARY]) reset = Button(title='Reset Changes', classes=[Button.DEFAULT], alt='Save Changes')
[docs]class AnalysisProfileCopyView(AnalysisProfileAddView): """View for the copy form is the same as an add The name field is by default set with 'Copy of [profile name of copy source] Don't want to assert against this field to separately verify the view is displayed If is_displayed is called after the form is changed it will be false negative""" pass
[docs]class AnalysisProfile(Pretty, Updateable, Fillable, Navigatable): """Analysis profiles, Vm and Host type Example: Note the keys for files, events, registry should match UI columns .. code-block:: python p = AnalysisProfile(name, description, profile_type='VM') p.files = [ {"Name": "/some/anotherfile", "Collect Contents?": True}, ] = [ {"Name": name, "Filter Message": msg, "Level": lvl, "Source": src, "# of Days": 1}, ] p.registry = [ {"Registry Key": key, "Registry Value": value}, ] p.categories = ["System", "Software"] # Use the checkbox text name p.create() p2 = p.copy(new_name="updated AP") with update(p): p.files = [{"Name": "/changed". "Collect Contents?": False}] p.delete() """ CREATE_LOC = None pretty_attrs = "name", "description", "files", "events" VM_TYPE = 'Vm' HOST_TYPE = 'Host' def __init__(self, name, description, profile_type, files=None, events=None, categories=None, registry=None, appliance=None): Navigatable.__init__(self, appliance=appliance) = name self.description = description self.files = files if isinstance(files, (list, type(None))) else [files] = events if isinstance(events, (list, type(None))) else [events] self.categories = categories if isinstance(categories, (list, type(None))) else [categories] self.registry = registry if isinstance(registry, (list, type(None))) else [registry] if profile_type in (self.VM_TYPE, self.HOST_TYPE): self.profile_type = profile_type else: raise ValueError("Profile Type is incorrect")
[docs] def create(self, cancel=False): """Add Analysis Profile to appliance""" # The tab form values have to be dictionaries with the root key matching the tab widget name form_values = self.form_fill_args() view = navigate_to(self, 'Add') view.form.fill(form_values) if cancel: else: view.flush_widget_cache() view = self.create_view(AnalysisProfileAllView) assert view.is_displayed view.flash.assert_success_message( 'Add of new Analysis Profile was cancelled by the user' if cancel else 'Analysis Profile "{}" was saved'.format(
[docs] def update(self, updates, cancel=False): """Update the existing Analysis Profile with given updates dict Make use of Updateable and use `with` to update object as well Note the updates dict should take the structure below if called directly .. code-block:: python updates = { 'name':, 'description': self.description, 'files': { 'tab_form': ['/example/file']}, 'events': { 'tab_form': ['example_event']}, 'categories': { 'tab_form': ['Example']}, 'registry': { 'tab_form': ['example_registry']} } Args: updates (dict): Dictionary of values to change in the object. cancel (boolean): whether to cancel the update """ # hack to work around how updates are passed when used in context mgr # TODO revisit this method when BZ is fixed: # form_fill_args = self.form_fill_args(updates=updates) view = navigate_to(self, 'Edit') changed = view.form.fill(form_fill_args) if changed and not cancel: # save button won't be enabled if nothing was changed else: # redirects to details if edited from there view = self.create_view(AnalysisProfileDetailsView, override=updates) assert view.is_displayed view.flash.assert_success_message( 'Edit of Analysis Profile "{}" was cancelled by the user'.format( if cancel or not changed else 'Analysis Profile "{}" was saved'.format(updates.get('name',
[docs] def delete(self, cancel=False): """Delete self via details page""" view = navigate_to(self, 'Details') view.toolbar.configuration.item_select("Delete this Analysis Profile", handle_alert=not cancel) view = self.create_view( AnalysisProfileDetailsView if cancel else AnalysisProfileAllView) view.flush_widget_cache() assert view.is_displayed if not cancel: view.flash.assert_success_message('Analysis Profile "{}": Delete successful' .format(self.description)) else: assert view.flash.messages == []
[docs] def copy(self, new_name=None, cancel=False): """Copy the Analysis Profile""" # Create a new object to return in addition to running copy in the UI # TODO revisit this method when BZ is fixed: # profile_args = self.__dict__.copy() profile_args['name'] = new_name or + "-copy" new_profile = AnalysisProfile(**profile_args) # actually run copy in the UI, fill the form view = navigate_to(self, 'Copy') form_args = self.form_fill_args(updates={'name':}) view.form.fill(form_args) if cancel: else: # check the result view = self.create_view( AnalysisProfileDetailsView if cancel else AnalysisProfileAllView) view.flush_widget_cache() assert view.is_displayed view.flash.assert_success_message( 'Add of new Analysis Profile was cancelled by the user' # yep, not copy specific if cancel else 'Analysis Profile "{}" was saved'.format( return new_profile
@property def exists(self): try: navigate_to(self, 'Details') except (NavigationDestinationNotFound, CandidateNotFound): return False else: return True
[docs] def as_fill_value(self): """String representation of an Analysis Profile in CFME UI""" return
[docs] def form_fill_args(self, updates=None): """Build a dictionary of nested tab_forms for assoc_fill from a flat object dictionary If updates dictionary is passed, it is used instead of `self` This should work for create or update form fill args """ fill_args = {'profile_type': None} # this can't be set when adding or editing for key in ['name', 'description']: arg = updates[key] if updates and key in updates else getattr(self, key) fill_args[key] = arg for key in ['files', 'events', 'registry']: data = deepcopy(updates[key] if updates and key in updates else getattr(self, key)) if isinstance(data, list): # It would be much better to not have these hardcoded, but I can't get them # statically from the form (ConditionalSwitchWidget) assoc_column = 'Name' if key in ['files', 'events'] else 'Registry Key' values_dict = {} for item in data: name = item.pop(assoc_column) values_dict[name] = item fill_args[key] = {'tab_form': values_dict} for key in ['categories']: # No assoc_fill for checkbox select, just tab_form mapping here arg = deepcopy(updates[key] if updates and key in updates else getattr(self, key)) fill_args[key] = {'tab_form': arg} return fill_args
def __str__(self): return self.as_fill_value() def __enter__(self): self.create() def __exit__(self, type, value, traceback): self.delete()
@navigator.register(AnalysisProfile, 'All')
[docs]class AnalysisProfileAll(CFMENavigateStep): VIEW = AnalysisProfileAllView prerequisite = NavigateToAttribute('appliance.server', 'Configuration')
[docs] def step(self): server_region = self.obj.appliance.server_region_string() self.prerequisite_view.accordions.settings.tree.click_path( server_region, "Analysis Profiles")
@navigator.register(AnalysisProfile, 'Add')
[docs]class AnalysisProfileAdd(CFMENavigateStep): VIEW = AnalysisProfileAddView prerequisite = NavigateToSibling('All')
[docs] def step(self): # stupid capitalization inconsistencies, just wait until there's a 3rd option... profile_type = self.obj.profile_type if self.obj.profile_type == 'Host' else 'VM' self.prerequisite_view.toolbar.configuration.item_select( "Add {} Analysis Profile".format(profile_type))
@navigator.register(AnalysisProfile, 'Details')
[docs]class AnalysisProfileDetails(CFMENavigateStep): VIEW = AnalysisProfileDetailsView prerequisite = NavigateToSibling('All')
[docs] def step(self): server_region = self.obj.appliance.server_region_string() self.prerequisite_view.sidebar.accordions.settings.tree.click_path( server_region, "Analysis Profiles", str(self.obj))
@navigator.register(AnalysisProfile, 'Edit')
[docs]class AnalysisProfileEdit(CFMENavigateStep): VIEW = AnalysisProfileEditView prerequisite = NavigateToSibling('Details')
[docs] def step(self): self.prerequisite_view.toolbar.configuration.item_select("Edit this Analysis Profile")
@navigator.register(AnalysisProfile, 'Copy')
[docs]class AnalysisProfileCopy(CFMENavigateStep): VIEW = AnalysisProfileCopyView prerequisite = NavigateToSibling('Details')
[docs] def step(self): self.prerequisite_view.toolbar.configuration.item_select( 'Copy this selected Analysis Profile')