Source code for cfme.utils.release

#!/usr/bin/env python2
from __future__ import print_function

from collections import defaultdict
import datetime
import re
import requests
import subprocess
import textwrap

import click

from cfme.utils.conf import docker

[docs]def clean_commit(commit_msg): replacements = ['1LP', 'RFR', 'WIP', 'WIPTEST', 'NOTEST'] for replacement in replacements: commit_msg = commit_msg.replace('[{}]'.format(replacement), '') return commit_msg.strip(" ")
@click.command(help="Assist in generating release changelog") @click.argument('tag') @click.option('--old-tag', default=None, help='Build the changelog from an older tag, instead of git describe') @click.option('--full', 'report_type', flag_value='full', default=True, help="Generates a full report with all PR description") @click.option('--brief', 'report_type', flag_value='brief', help="Generates brief report") @click.option('--stats', 'report_type', flag_value='stats', help="Generates stats only report") @click.option('--line-limit', default='80', help='Line length limit') def main(tag, old_tag, report_type, line_limit): """Script to assist in generating the release changelog This script will generate a simple or full diff of PRs that are merged and present the data in a way that is easy to copy/paste into an email or git tag. """ line_length = int(line_limit) if not old_tag: proc = subprocess.Popen(['git', 'describe', '--tags', '--abbrev=0'], stdout=subprocess.PIPE, stderr=subprocess.PIPE) old_tag ="\n") else: old_tag = old_tag proc = subprocess.Popen(['git', 'log', '{}..master'.format(old_tag), '--oneline'], stdout=subprocess.PIPE, stderr=subprocess.PIPE) commits = valid_labels = [ u'fix-locator-or-text', u'infra-related', u'fix-test', u'doc', u'other', u'enhancement', u'fix-framework', u'new-test-or-feature', u'tech-debt', u'widgetastic-conversion', u'collections-conversion', u'sprout' ] print('integration_tests {} Released'.format(tag)) print('') print('Includes: {} -> {}'.format(old_tag, tag)) max_len_labels = len(reduce((lambda x, y: x if len(x) > len(y) else y), valid_labels)) now = start_of_week = now - datetime.timedelta(days=30) string_start = start_of_week.strftime('%Y-%m-%d') headers = {'Authorization': 'token {}'.format(docker['gh_token'])} items = [] result = requests.get( '{}/' '{}+merged:>{}'.format(docker['gh_owner'], docker['gh_repo'], string_start), headers=headers) items += result.json()['items'] if 'Link' in result.headers: while re.findall('\<(.*)\>; rel="next"', result.headers['Link']): result = requests.get(re.findall('\<(.*)\>; rel="next"', result.headers['Link'])[0], headers=headers) items += result.json()['items'] prs = {} pr_nums_without_label = [] for pr in items: prs[pr['number']] = pr for label in pr['labels']: if label['name'] in valid_labels: pr['label'] = label['name'] break else: pr_nums_without_label.append(str(pr['number'])) if pr_nums_without_label: print("ERROR: The following PRs don't have any of recognized labels: {}" .format(', '.join(pr_nums_without_label))) print("Recognized labels: {}".format(', '.join(valid_labels))) return 1 if report_type in ['full', 'brief']: max_len_pr = len( reduce((lambda x, y: str(x) if len(str(x)) > len(str(y)) else str(y)), prs.keys())) for commit in commits.split("\n"): pr = re.match('.*[#](\d+).*', commit) if pr: pr_number = int(pr.groups()[0].replace("#", '')) if pr_number in prs: old_lab = prs[pr_number]['label'] label = old_lab + " " * (max_len_labels - len(old_lab)) title = clean_commit(prs[pr_number]['title']) title = textwrap.wrap(title, line_length - 6 - max_len_pr - max_len_labels) msg = "{} | {} | {}".format( pr_number, label, title[0]) for line in title[1:]: msg += "\n{} | {} | {}".format( " " * max_len_pr, " " * max_len_labels, line.encode('ascii', 'ignore')) if report_type == "full": print("=" * line_length) print(msg) if report_type == "full": print("-" * line_length) string = prs[pr_number]['body'] if string is None: string = "" pytest_match = re.findall("({{.*}}\s*)", string, flags=re.S | re.M) if pytest_match: string = string.replace(pytest_match[0], '') print("\n".join( textwrap.wrap(string, line_length, replace_whitespace=False))) print("=" * line_length) print("") elif report_type == "stats": labels = defaultdict(int) for commit in commits.split("\n"): pr = re.match('.*[#](\d+).*', commit) if pr: pr_number = int(pr.groups()[0].replace("#", '')) if pr_number in prs: labels[prs[pr_number]['label']] += 1 for label in labels: print("{}, {}".format(label, labels[label])) if __name__ == "__main__": main()