Source code for cfme.test_framework.sprout.plugin

import re
import pytest
import random
import attr
from six.moves.urllib.parse import urlparse
from threading import Timer
from cfme.utils import at_exit, conf
# todo: use own logger after logfix merge
from cfme.utils.log import logger as log
from cfme.utils.path import project_path
from .client import SproutClient, SproutException
from cfme.utils.wait import wait_for

_appliance_help = '''specify appliance URLs to use for distributed testing.
this option can be specified more than once, and must be specified at least two times'''

[docs]def pytest_addoption(parser): group = parser.getgroup("cfme") group._addoption( '--appliance', dest='appliances', action='append', metavar='appliance_url', help=_appliance_help, default=[]) group._addoption('--use-sprout', dest='use_sprout', action='store_true', default=False, help="Use Sprout for provisioning appliances.") group._addoption('--sprout-appliances', dest='sprout_appliances', type=int, default=1, help="How many Sprout appliances to use?.") group._addoption('--sprout-timeout', dest='sprout_timeout', type=int, default=60, help="How many minutes is the lease timeout.") group._addoption('--sprout-provision-timeout', dest='sprout_provision_timeout', type=int, default=60, help="How many minutes to wait for appliances provisioned.") group._addoption( '--sprout-group', dest='sprout_group', default=None, help="Which stream to use.") group._addoption( '--sprout-version', dest='sprout_version', default=None, help="Which version to use.") group._addoption( '--sprout-date', dest='sprout_date', default=None, help="Which date to use.") group._addoption( '--sprout-desc', dest='sprout_desc', default=None, help="Set description of the pool.") group._addoption('--sprout-override-ram', dest='sprout_override_ram', type=int, default=0, help="Override RAM (MB). 0 means no override.") group._addoption('--sprout-override-cpu', dest='sprout_override_cpu', type=int, default=0, help="Override CPU core count. 0 means no override.") group._addoption( '--sprout-provider', dest='sprout_provider', default=None, help="Which provider to use.") group._addoption('--sprout-provider-type', dest='sprout_provider_type', default=None, help="Sprout provider type - openshift, etc") group._addoption('--sprout-template-type', dest='sprout_template_type', default=None, help="Specifies which template type to use openshift_pod, virtual_machine, docker_vm") group._addoption('--sprout-ignore-preconfigured', dest='sprout_template_preconfigured', default=True, action="store_false", help="Allows to use not preconfigured templates")
[docs]def dump_pool_info(log, pool_data):"Fulfilled: %s", pool_data["fulfilled"])"Progress: %s%%", pool_data["progress"])"Appliances:") for appliance in pool_data["appliances"]: name = appliance["name"]"\t%s:", name) for key in sorted(appliance.keys()): if key == "name": continue"\t\t%s: %s", key, appliance[key])
[docs]def mangle_in_sprout_appliances(config): """ this helper function resets the appliances option of the config and mangles in the sprout ones its a hopefully temporary hack until we make a correctly ordered hook for obtaining appliances """ provision_request = SproutProvisioningRequest.from_config(config) mgr = config._sprout_mgr = SproutManager() requested_appliances = mgr.request_appliances(provision_request) config.option.appliances[:] = [] appliances = config.option.appliances"Appliances were provided:") for appliance in requested_appliances: appliance_args = {'hostname': appliance['url']} provider_data = conf.cfme_data['management_systems'].get(appliance['provider']) if provider_data and provider_data['type'] == 'openshift': ocp_creds = conf.credentials[provider_data['credentials']] ssh_creds = conf.credentials[provider_data['ssh_creds']] extra_args = { 'container': appliance['container'], 'db_host': appliance['db_host'], 'project': appliance['project'], 'openshift_creds': { 'hostname': provider_data['hostname'], 'username': ocp_creds['username'], 'password': ocp_creds['password'], 'ssh': { 'username': ssh_creds['username'], 'password': ssh_creds['password'], } } } appliance_args.update(extra_args) appliances.append(appliance_args)"- %s is %s", appliance['url'], appliance['name']) mgr.reset_timer() template_name = requested_appliances[0]["template_name"] conf.runtime["cfme_data"]["basic_info"]["appliance_template"] = template_name"appliance_template: %s", template_name) with project_path.join('.appliance_template').open('w') as template_file: template_file.write('export appliance_template="{}"'.format(template_name))"Sprout setup finished.") config.pluginmanager.register(ShutdownPlugin())
[docs]class SproutProvisioningRequest(object): """data holder for provisioning metadata""" group = attr.ib() count = attr.ib() version = attr.ib() provider = attr.ib() provider_type = attr.ib() template_type = attr.ib() preconfigured = attr.ib() date = attr.ib() lease_time = attr.ib() desc = attr.ib() provision_timeout = attr.ib() cpu = attr.ib() ram = attr.ib() @classmethod
[docs] def from_config(cls, config): return cls( group=config.option.sprout_group, count=config.option.sprout_appliances, version=config.option.sprout_version, provider=config.option.sprout_provider, provider_type=config.option.sprout_provider_type, template_type=config.option.sprout_template_type, preconfigured=config.option.sprout_template_preconfigured, date=config.option.sprout_date, lease_time=config.option.sprout_timeout, desc=config.option.sprout_desc, provision_timeout=config.option.sprout_provision_timeout, cpu=config.option.sprout_override_cpu or None, ram=config.option.sprout_override_ram or None, )
[docs]class SproutManager(object): client = attr.ib(default=attr.Factory(SproutClient.from_config)) pool = attr.ib(init=False, default=None) lease_time = attr.ib(init=False, default=None, repr=False) timer = attr.ib(init=False, default=None, repr=False)
[docs] def request_appliances(self, provision_request): self.request_pool(provision_request) try: result = wait_for( self.check_fullfilled, num_sec=provision_request.provision_timeout * 60, delay=5, message="requesting appliances was fulfilled" ) except Exception: pool = self.request_check() dump_pool_info(log, pool) log.debug("Destroying the pool on error.") self.destroy_pool() raise else: at_exit(self.destroy_pool) pool = self.request_check() dump_pool_info(log, pool)"Provisioning took %.1f seconds", result.duration) return pool["appliances"]
[docs] def request_pool(self, provision_request):"Requesting %s appliances from Sprout at %s", provision_request.count, self.client.api_entry) self.lease_time = provision_request.lease_time if provision_request.desc is not None: jenkins_job = re.findall(r"Jenkins.*[^\d+$]", provision_request.desc) if jenkins_job: self.clean_jenkins_job(jenkins_job) kargs = { 'count': provision_request.count, 'version': provision_request.version, 'provider': provision_request.provider, 'provider_type': provision_request.provider_type, 'preconfigured': provision_request.preconfigured, 'date':, 'lease_time': provision_request.lease_time, 'cpu': provision_request.cpu, 'ram': provision_request.ram, } if provision_request.template_type: kargs['template_type'] = provision_request.template_type self.pool = self.client.request_appliances(, **kargs )"Pool %s. Waiting for fulfillment ...", self.pool) if provision_request.desc is not None: self.client.set_pool_description(self.pool, provision_request.desc)
[docs] def destroy_pool(self): try: self.client.destroy_pool(self.pool) except Exception: pass
[docs] def request_check(self): return self.client.request_check(self.pool)
[docs] def check_fullfilled(self): try: result = self.request_check() except SproutException as e: # TODO: ensure we only exit this way on sprout usage self.destroy_pool() log.error("sprout pool could not be fulfilled\n%s", str(e)) pytest.exit(1) log.debug("fulfilled at %f %%", result['progress']) return result["fulfilled"]
[docs] def clean_jenkins_job(self, jenkins_job): try: "Check if pool already exists for this %r Jenkins job", jenkins_job[0]) jenkins_job_pools = self.client.find_pools_by_description(jenkins_job[0], partial=True) for pool in jenkins_job_pools: # Some jobs have overlapping descriptions, sprout API doesn't support regex # job-name-12345 vs job-name-master-12345 # the partial match alone will catch both of these, use regex to confirm pool # description is an accurate match if self.client.get_pool_description(pool) == '{}{}'.format(jenkins_job[0], pool):"Destroying the old pool %s for %r job.", pool, jenkins_job[0]) self.client.destroy_pool(pool) else:'Skipped pool destroy due to potential pool description overlap: %r', jenkins_job[0]) except Exception: log.exception( "Exception occurred during old pool deletion, this can be ignored" "proceeding to Request new pool")
[docs] def reset_timer(self, timeout=None): if self.pool is None: if self.timer: self.timer.cancel() # Cancel it anyway"Sprout timer cancelled") return if self.timer: self.timer.cancel() timeout = timeout or ((self.lease_time / 2) * 60) self.timer = Timer(timeout, self.ping_pool) self.timer.daemon = True self.timer.start()
[docs] def ping_pool(self): timeout = None # None - keep the half of the lease time try: self.client.prolong_appliance_pool_lease(self.pool, self.lease_time) except SproutException as e: log.exception( "Pool %s does not exist any more, disabling the timer.\n" "This can happen before the tests are shut down " "(last deleted appliance deleted the pool\n" "> The exception was: %s", self.pool, str(e)) self.pool = None # Will disable the timer in next reset call. except Exception as e: log.error('An unexpected error happened during interaction with Sprout:') log.exception(e) # Have a shorter timer now (1 min), because something is happening right now # WE have a reserve of half the lease time so that should be enough time to # solve any minor problems # Adding a 0-10 extra random sec just for sake of dispersing any possible "swarm" timeout = 60 + random.randint(0, 10) finally: self.reset_timer(timeout=timeout)
[docs]def pytest_addhooks(pluginmanager): pluginmanager.add_hookspecs(NewHooks)
[docs]class ShutdownPlugin(object):
[docs] def pytest_miq_node_shutdown(self, config, nodeinfo): if config.getoption('ui_coverage'): # TODO: Ensure this gets called after pytest_sessionfinish # This disables the appliance deletion when ui coverage is on. ^ # This is because we need one of the appliances to do the collection for us return if nodeinfo: netloc = urlparse(nodeinfo).netloc ip_address = netloc.split(":")[0] log.debug("Trying to end appliance {}".format(ip_address)) if config.getoption('--use-sprout'): try: call_method = config._sprout_mgr.client.call_method log.debug("appliance data %r", call_method('appliance_data', ip_address)) log.debug( "destroy appliance result: %r", call_method('destroy_appliance', ip_address)) except Exception as e: log.debug('Error trying to end sprout appliance %s', ip_address) log.debug(e) else: log.debug('Not a sprout run so not doing anything for %s', ip_address) else: log.debug('The IP address was not present - not terminating any appliance')
[docs]class NewHooks(object):
[docs] def pytest_miq_node_shutdown(self, config, nodeinfo): pass