Source code for cfme.test_framework.appliance_police

import attr
import pytest

import requests

from cfme.utils import ports
from import net_check
from cfme.utils.wait import TimedOutError
from cfme.utils.conf import rdb

from cfme.fixtures.pytest_store import store

from cfme.fixtures.rdb import Rdb

[docs]class AppliancePoliceException(Exception): message = attr.ib() port = attr.ib() def __str__(self): return "{} (port {})".format(self.message, self.port)
@pytest.fixture(autouse=True, scope="function")
[docs]def appliance_police(appliance): if not store.slave_manager: return try: available_ports = { 'ssh': (appliance.hostname, appliance.ssh_port), 'https': (appliance.hostname, appliance.ui_port), 'postgres': (appliance.db_host or appliance.hostname, appliance.db_port)} port_results = {pn: net_check(addr=p_addr, port=p_port, force=True) for pn, (p_addr, p_port) in available_ports.items()} for port, result in port_results.items(): if port == 'ssh' and appliance.is_pod: # ssh is not available for podified appliance continue if not result: raise AppliancePoliceException('Unable to connect', available_ports[port][1]) try: status_code = requests.get(appliance.url, verify=False, timeout=120).status_code except Exception: raise AppliancePoliceException('Getting status code failed', available_ports['https'][1]) if status_code != 200: raise AppliancePoliceException('Status code was {}, should be 200'.format( status_code), available_ports['https'][1]) return except AppliancePoliceException as e: # special handling for known failure conditions if e.port == 443: # Lots of rdbs lately where evm seems to have entirely crashed # and (sadly) the only fix is a rude restart appliance.restart_evm_service(rude=True) try: appliance.wait_for_web_ui(900) store.write_line('EVM was frozen and had to be restarted.', purple=True) return except TimedOutError: pass e_message = str(e) except Exception as e: e_message = str(e) # Regardles of the exception raised, we didn't return anywhere above # time to call a human msg = 'Help! My appliance {} crashed with: {}'.format(appliance.url, e_message) store.slave_manager.message(msg) if 'appliance_police_recipients' in rdb: rdb_kwargs = { 'subject': 'RDB Breakpoint: Appliance failure', 'recipients': rdb.appliance_police_recipients, } else: rdb_kwargs = {} Rdb(msg).set_trace(**rdb_kwargs) store.slave_manager.message('Resuming testing following remote debugging')