Source code for cfme.automate.import_export

# -*- coding: utf-8 -*-
from cfme.base.ui import AutomateImportExportBaseView, AutomateImportExportView
from cfme.utils.appliance import Navigatable
from cfme.utils.appliance.implementations.ui import navigate_to

from widgetastic_patternfly import BootstrapSelect, Button

[docs]class GitImportSelectorView(AutomateImportExportBaseView): type = BootstrapSelect('branch_or_tag') branch = BootstrapSelect(locator='.//div[contains(@class, "bootstrap-select git-branches")]') tag = BootstrapSelect(locator='.//div[contains(@class, "bootstrap-select git-tags")]') submit = Button('Submit') cancel = Button('Cancel') @property def is_displayed(self): return self.in_import_export and self.type.is_displayed
[docs]class AutomateGitRepository(Navigatable): """Represents an Automate git repository. This entity is not represented in UI as it is, but only in database. But by representing it it makes the code changes for domain much simpler. """ def __init__(self, url=None, username=None, password=None, verify_ssl=None, appliance=None): Navigatable.__init__(self, appliance=appliance) self.url = url self.username = username self.password = password self.verify_ssl = verify_ssl self.domain = None @classmethod
[docs] def from_db(cls, db_id, appliance=None): git_repositories = appliance.db.client['git_repositories'] try: url, verify_ssl = appliance.db.client.session\ .query(git_repositories.url, git_repositories.verify_ssl)\ .filter( == db_id)\ .first() return cls(url=url, verify_ssl=verify_ssl > 0, appliance=appliance) except ValueError: raise ValueError('No such repository in the database')
@property def fill_values_repo_add(self): return { k: v for k, v in { 'url': self.url, 'username': self.username, 'password': self.password, 'verify_ssl': self.verify_ssl}.items() if v is not None}
[docs] def fill_values_branch_select(self, branch, tag): """Processes the args into a dictionary to be filled in the selection dialog.""" if branch and tag: raise ValueError('You cannot pass branch and tag together') elif tag is not None: return {'type': 'Tag', 'tag': tag} else: return {'type': 'Branch', 'branch': branch}
[docs] def import_domain_from(self, branch=None, tag=None): """Import the domain from git using the Import/Export UI. Args: branch: If you import from a branch, specify the origin/branchname tag: If you import from a tag, specify its name. Returns: Instance of :py:class:`cfme.automate.explorer.domain.Domain` **Important!** ``branch`` and ``tag`` are mutually exclusive. """ imex_page = navigate_to(self.appliance.server, 'AutomateImportExport') assert imex_page.import_git.fill(self.fill_values_repo_add) imex_page.browser.plugin.ensure_page_safe(timeout='5m') git_select = self.create_view(GitImportSelectorView) assert git_select.is_displayed git_select.flash.assert_no_error() git_select.fill(self.fill_values_branch_select(branch, tag)) git_select.browser.plugin.ensure_page_safe(timeout='5m') imex_page = self.create_view(AutomateImportExportView) assert imex_page.is_displayed imex_page.flash.assert_no_error() # Now find the domain in database namespaces = self.appliance.db.client['miq_ae_namespaces'] git_repositories = self.appliance.db.client['git_repositories'] none = None query = self.appliance.db.client.session\ .query(,, namespaces.description, git_repositories.url, namespaces.ref_type, namespaces.ref)\ .filter(namespaces.parent_id == none, namespaces.source == 'remote')\ .join(git_repositories, namespaces.git_repository_id == for id, name, description, url, git_type, git_type_value in query: if url != self.url: continue if not ( git_type == 'branch' and branch == git_type_value or git_type == 'tag' and tag == git_type_value): continue # We have the domain dc = return dc.instantiate( db_id=id, name=name, description=description, git_checkout_type=git_type, git_checkout_value=git_type_value) else: raise ValueError('The domain imported was not found in the database!')