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# -*- coding: utf-8 -*-
import random

import attr
from navmazing import NavigateToSibling, NavigateToAttribute

from widgetastic.widget import View, Text, NoSuchElementException
from widgetastic_patternfly import BootstrapSelect, Button, Dropdown

from cfme.base.ui import BaseLoggedInPage
from cfme.common import TagPageView, Taggable
from cfme.exceptions import BackupNotFoundError, ItemNotFound
from cfme.modeling.base import BaseCollection, BaseEntity
from cfme.utils.appliance.implementations.ui import CFMENavigateStep, navigator, navigate_to
from cfme.utils.log import logger
from cfme.utils.providers import get_crud_by_name
from cfme.utils.wait import wait_for
from widgetastic_manageiq import (

[docs]class VolumeBackupToolbar(View): """The toolbar on the Volume Backup page""" configuration = Dropdown('Configuration') policy = Dropdown('Policy') download = Dropdown('Download') view_selector = View.nested(ItemsToolBarViewSelector)
[docs]class VolumeBackupDetailsToolbar(View): """The toolbar on the Volume Backup detail page""" configuration = Dropdown('Configuration') policy = Dropdown('Policy') download = Button('Download summary in PDF format')
[docs]class VolumeBackupDetailsEntities(View): """The entities on the Volume Backup detail page""" breadcrumb = BreadCrumb() properties = SummaryTable('Properties') relationships = SummaryTable('Relationships') smart_management = SummaryTable('Smart Management')
[docs]class VolumeBackupDetailSidebar(View): """The accordion on the Volume Backup details page""" @View.nested class properties(Accordion): # noqa tree = ManageIQTree() @View.nested class relationships(Accordion): # noqa tree = ManageIQTree()
[docs]class VolumeBackupView(BaseLoggedInPage): """A base view for all the Volume Backup pages""" title = Text('.//div[@id="center_div" or @id="main-content"]//h1') @property def in_volume_backup(self): return ( self.logged_in_as_current_user and self.navigation.currently_selected == ['Storage', 'Block Storage', 'Volume Backups'] ) @property def is_displayed(self): return self.in_volume_backup
[docs]class VolumeBackupAllView(VolumeBackupView): """The all Volume Backup page""" toolbar = View.nested(VolumeBackupToolbar) including_entities = View.include(BaseEntitiesView, use_parent=True) @property def is_displayed(self): return ( self.in_volume_backup and self.title.text == 'Cloud Volume Backups')
[docs]class VolumeBackupDetailsView(VolumeBackupView): """The detail Volume Backup page""" @property def is_displayed(self): expected_title = '{} (Summary)'.format(self.context['object'].name) return ( self.in_volume_backup and self.title.text == expected_title and self.entities.breadcrumb.active_location == expected_title) toolbar = View.nested(VolumeBackupDetailsToolbar) sidebar = View.nested(VolumeBackupDetailSidebar) entities = View.nested(VolumeBackupDetailsEntities)
[docs]class VolumeRestoreView(VolumeBackupView): """The restore Volume backup view""" @property def is_displayed(self): return False volume_name = BootstrapSelect(name='volume_id') save = Button('Save') reset = Button('Reset') cancel = Button('cancel')
[docs]class VolumeBackup(BaseEntity, Taggable): """ Model of an Storage Volume Backups in cfme Args: name: name of the backup provider: provider """ name = attr.ib() provider = attr.ib()
[docs] def restore(self, name): """Restore the volume backup. this feature included in 5.9 and above. Args: name: volume name """ view = navigate_to(self, 'Restore') view.volume_name.fill(name) view.flash.assert_success_message('Restoring Cloud Volume "{}"'.format(
[docs] def refresh(self): self.provider.refresh_provider_relationships() self.browser.refresh()
@property def exists(self): try: navigate_to(self, 'Details') return True except BackupNotFoundError: return False @property def size(self): """size of cloud volume backup. Returns: :py:class:`int` size of volume backup in GB. """ view = navigate_to(self, 'Details') return int('Size').split()[0]) @property def status(self): """Present status of cloud volume backup. Returns: :py:class:`str` status [available/restoring] of volume backup. """ view = navigate_to(self, 'Details') return'Status') @property def volume(self): """volume name of backup. Returns: :py:class:`str` respective volume name. """ view = navigate_to(self, 'Details') return view.entities.relationships.get_text_of('Cloud Volume')
[docs]class VolumeBackupCollection(BaseCollection): """Collection object for :py:class:'' """ ENTITY = VolumeBackup
[docs] def all(self): """returning all backup objects for respective storage manager type""" view = navigate_to(self, 'All')"List View") backups = [] try: if 'provider' in self.filters: for item in if self.filters.get('provider').name in item['Storage Manager']: backups.append(self.instantiate(name=item['Name'], provider=self.filters.get('provider'))) else: for item in provider_name = item['Storage Manager'].split()[0] provider = get_crud_by_name(provider_name) backups.append(self.instantiate(name=item['Name'], provider=provider)) except NoSuchElementException: if backups: # In the middle of reading, that may be bad logger.error( 'VolumeBackupCollection: NoSuchElementException in the middle of entities read') raise else: # This is probably fine, just warn logger.warning('The volume backup table is probably not present (=empty)') return backups
[docs] def delete(self, *backups): """Delete one or more backups Args: One or Multiple '' objects """ view = navigate_to(self, 'All') if view.entities.get_all(): for backup in backups: try: view.entities.get_entity( except ItemNotFound: raise BackupNotFoundError("Volume backup {} not found".format( view.toolbar.configuration.item_select('Delete selected Backups', handle_alert=True) wait_for( lambda: not bool({ for backup in backups} & set(view.entities.all_entity_names)), message="Wait backups to disappear", delay=20, timeout=800, fail_func=random.choice(backups).refresh ) else: raise BackupNotFoundError('No Volume Backups for Deletion')
@navigator.register(VolumeBackupCollection, 'All')
[docs]class All(CFMENavigateStep): VIEW = VolumeBackupAllView prerequisite = NavigateToAttribute('appliance.server', 'LoggedIn')
[docs] def step(self): 'Storage', 'Block Storage', 'Volume Backups')
@navigator.register(VolumeBackup, 'Details')
[docs]class Details(CFMENavigateStep): VIEW = VolumeBackupDetailsView prerequisite = NavigateToAttribute('parent', 'All')
[docs] def step(self, *args, **kwargs): try: self.prerequisite_view.entities.get_entity(, surf_pages=True).click() except ItemNotFound: raise BackupNotFoundError('Could not locate volume backup {}'.format(
@navigator.register(VolumeBackup, 'EditTagsFromDetails')
[docs]class BackupDetailEditTag(CFMENavigateStep): """ This navigation destination help to Taggable""" VIEW = TagPageView prerequisite = NavigateToSibling('Details')
[docs] def step(self, *args, **kwargs): self.prerequisite_view.toolbar.policy.item_select('Edit Tags')
@navigator.register(VolumeBackup, 'Restore')
[docs]class VolumeRestore(CFMENavigateStep): VIEW = VolumeRestoreView prerequisite = NavigateToSibling('Details')
[docs] def step(self, *args, **kwargs): self.prerequisite_view.toolbar.configuration.item_select('Restore backup to Cloud Volume')