Source code for cfme.markers.uses

"""uses_*: Provides a set of fixtures used to mark tests for filtering on the command-line.

Tests using these fixtures directly or indirectly can be filtered using py.test's
``-k`` filter argument. For example, run tests that use the ssh client::

    py.test -k uses_ssh

Additionally, tests using one of the fixtures listed in :py:attr:`appliance_marks` will be marked
with `is_appliance`, for easily filtering out appliance tests, e.g::

    py.test -k 'not is_appliance'

All fixtures created by this module will have the ``uses_`` prefix.

    ``is_appliance`` is a mark that will be dynamically set based on fixtures used,
    but is not a fixture itself.

import pytest

# List of fixture marks to create and use for test marking
# these are exposed as globals and individually documented

# Create the fixtures that will trigger test marking

def _markfixture(func):
    if func.__doc__ is None:
        func.__doc__ = "Fixture which marks a test with the ``{}`` mark".format(func.__name__)
    return pytest.fixture(scope="session")(func)

[docs]def uses_event_listener(): pass
[docs]def uses_pxe(): pass
[docs]def uses_providers(): pass
[docs]def is_appliance(): pass
[docs]def uses_db(is_appliance): """fixture that marks tests with a ``uses_db`` and a ``is_appliance`` mark"""
[docs]def uses_ssh(is_appliance): """fixture that marks tests with a ``uses_ssh`` and a ``is_appliance`` mark"""
[docs]def uses_cloud_providers(uses_providers): """Fixture which marks a test with the ``uses_cloud_providers`` and ``uses_providers`` marks""" pass
[docs]def uses_infra_providers(uses_providers): """Fixture which marks a test with the ``uses_infra_providers`` and ``uses_providers`` marks""" pass
### # Now hook the item collector to apply all the correct marks ###
[docs]def pytest_itemcollected(item): """pytest hook that actually does the marking See: """ try: # Intersect 'uses_' fixture set with the fixtures being used by a test mark_fixtures = USES_FIXTURENAMES.intersection(item.fixturenames) except AttributeError: # Test doesn't have fixturenames, make no changes return for name in mark_fixtures: item.add_marker(name) item.extra_keyword_matches.add(name)