Source code for cfme.markers.requires

"""requires_test(test_name_or_nodeid): Mark a test as requiring another test

If another test is required to have run and passed before a suite of tests has
any hope of succeeding, such as a smoke test, apply this mark to those tests.

It takes a test name as the only positional argument. In the event that the
test name is ambiguous, a full py.test nodeid can be used. A test's nodeid can
be found by inspecting the request.node.nodeid attribute inside the required
test item.


import pytest

_no_mark_arg_err = '{} mark required test name or nodeid as first argument'

[docs]def pytest_configure(config): config.addinivalue_line("markers", __doc__.splitlines()[0])
def _find_test_in_reports(test_id, reports): # nodeids end with the test name, so the description of this mark # oversimplifies things a little bit. The actual check for a test # match is that any preceding test nodeid ends with the arg passed # to the mark, so we can easily match the test name, test nodeid, and # anything in between. return any([report.nodeid.endswith(test_id) for report in reports])
[docs]def pytest_runtest_setup(item): mark = 'requires_test' if mark not in item.keywords: # mark wasn't invoked, short out return else: try: test_id = item.keywords[mark].args[0] except IndexError: # mark called incorrectly, explode raise Exception(_no_mark_arg_err.format(mark)) reporter = item.config.pluginmanager.getplugin('terminalreporter') passed = reporter.stats.get('passed', []) failed = reporter.stats.get('failed', []) skipped = reporter.stats.get('skipped', []) if _find_test_in_reports(test_id, passed): # Required test passed, short out return if _find_test_in_reports(test_id, failed): error_verb = 'failed' elif _find_test_in_reports(test_id, skipped): error_verb = 'was skipped' else: error_verb = 'not yet run or does not exist' errmsg = 'required test {} {}'.format(test_id, error_verb) pytest.skip(errmsg)