Source code for cfme.infrastructure.resource_pool

# -*- coding: utf-8 -*-
import attr
from navmazing import NavigateToAttribute

from widgetastic.widget import View
from widgetastic_patternfly import Button, Dropdown

from cfme.base.ui import BaseLoggedInPage
from cfme.common import Taggable
from cfme.exceptions import ResourcePoolNotFound, ItemNotFound
from cfme.modeling.base import BaseCollection, BaseEntity
from cfme.utils.appliance.implementations.ui import navigator, CFMENavigateStep, navigate_to
from cfme.utils.pretty import Pretty
from cfme.utils.wait import wait_for
from widgetastic_manageiq import (

[docs]class ResourcePoolToolbar(View): """The toolbar on the main page""" configuration = Dropdown('Configuration') policy = Dropdown('Policy') download = Dropdown('Download') view_selector = View.nested(ItemsToolBarViewSelector)
[docs]class ResourcePoolDetailsToolbar(View): """The toolbar on the details page""" configuration = Dropdown('Configuration') policy = Dropdown('Policy') download = Button(title='Download summary in PDF format')
[docs]class ResourcePoolDetailsAccordion(View): """The accordian on the details page""" @View.nested class properties(Accordion): # noqa tree = ManageIQTree() @View.nested class relationships(Accordion): # noqa tree = ManageIQTree()
[docs]class ResourcePoolDetailsEntities(View): """Entities on the details page""" breadcrumb = BreadCrumb() title = Text('//div[@id="main-content"]//h1') properties = SummaryTable(title='Properties') relationships = SummaryTable(title='Relationships') smart_management = SummaryTable(title='Smart Management')
[docs]class ResourcePoolView(BaseLoggedInPage): """Base view for header and nav checking, navigatable views should inherit this""" title = Text('//div[@id="main-content"]//h1') @property def in_resource_pool(self): nav_chain = ['Compute', 'Infrastructure', 'Resource Pools'] return ( self.logged_in_as_current_user and self.navigation.currently_selected == nav_chain )
[docs]class ResourcePoolAllView(ResourcePoolView): """The "all" view -- a list of app the resource pools""" @property def is_displayed(self): return ( self.in_resource_pool and self.entities.title.text == 'Resource Pools') toolbar = View.nested(ResourcePoolToolbar) including_entities = View.include(BaseEntitiesView, use_parent=True)
[docs]class ResourcePoolDetailsView(ResourcePoolView): """The details page of a resource pool""" @property def is_displayed(self): """Is this page being displayed?""" expected_title = '{} (Summary)'.format(self.context['object'].name) return ( self.in_resource_pool and self.entities.title.text == expected_title and self.entities.breadcrumb.active_location == expected_title) toolbar = View.nested(ResourcePoolDetailsToolbar) sidebar = View.nested(ResourcePoolDetailsAccordion) entities = View.nested(ResourcePoolDetailsEntities)
[docs]class ResourcePool(Pretty, BaseEntity, Taggable): """ Model of an infrastructure Resource pool in cfme Args: name: Name of the Resource pool. provider: Provider object. """ pretty_attrs = ['name', 'provider_key'] quad_name = 'resource_pool' name = attr.ib() provider = attr.ib() def _get_context(self): context = {'resource_pool': self} if self.provider: context['provider'] = self.provider return context
[docs] def delete(self, cancel=False, wait=False): """Deletes a resource pool from CFME Args: cancel: Whether or not to cancel the deletion, defaults to True wait: Whether or not to wait for the delete, defaults to False """ view = navigate_to(self, 'Details') if self.appliance.version < '5.9': item_name = 'Remove Resource Pool' else: item_name = 'Remove Resource Pool from Inventory' view.toolbar.configuration.item_select(item_name, handle_alert=not cancel) # cancel doesn't redirect, confirmation does view.flush_widget_cache() if cancel: view = self.create_view(ResourcePoolDetailsView) else: view = self.create_view(ResourcePoolAllView) wait_for(lambda: view.is_displayed, fail_condition=False, num_sec=10, delay=1) # flash message only displayed if it was deleted if not cancel: msg = 'The selected Resource Pools was deleted' view.flash.assert_success_message(msg) if wait: def refresh(): if self.provider: self.provider.refresh_provider_relationships() view.browser.refresh() view.flush_widget_cache() wait_for(lambda: not self.exists, fail_condition=False, fail_func=refresh, num_sec=500, message='Wait for resource pool to be deleted')
[docs] def wait_for_exists(self): """Wait for the resource pool to be created""" view = navigate_to(self.parent, 'All') def refresh(): if self.provider: self.provider.refresh_provider_relationships() view.browser.refresh() view.flush_widget_cache() wait_for(lambda: self.exists, fail_condition=False, num_sec=1000, fail_func=refresh, message='Wait resource pool to appear')
[docs] def get_detail(self, *ident): """ Gets details from the details infoblock The function first ensures that we are on the detail page for the specific resource pool. Args: ident: An InfoBlock title, followed by the Key name, e.g. "Properties" Returns: returns: A string representing the contents of the InfoBlock's value. """ view = navigate_to(self, 'Details') table = None if ident[0] == 'Properties': table = elif ident[0] == 'Relationships': table = view.relationships elif ident[0] == 'Smart Management': table = view.smart_management if table: return table.get_text_of(ident[1]) return None
@property def exists(self): view = navigate_to(self.parent, 'All') return in view.entities.entity_names
[docs]class ResourcePoolCollection(BaseCollection): """Collection object for the :py:class:`cfme.infrastructure.resource_pool.ResourcePool`.""" ENTITY = ResourcePool
# TODO: delete() when needed @navigator.register(ResourcePoolCollection, 'All')
[docs]class All(CFMENavigateStep): """A navigation step for the All page""" VIEW = ResourcePoolAllView prerequisite = NavigateToAttribute('appliance.server', 'LoggedIn')
[docs] def step(self, *args, **kwargs):'Compute', 'Infrastructure', 'Resource Pools')
@navigator.register(ResourcePool, 'Details')
[docs]class Details(CFMENavigateStep): """A navigation step for the Details page""" VIEW = ResourcePoolDetailsView prerequisite = NavigateToAttribute('parent', 'All')
[docs] def step(self, *args, **kwargs): """Navigate to the item""" try: row = self.prerequisite_view.entities.get_entity(, surf_pages=True) except ItemNotFound: raise ResourcePoolNotFound('Resource pool {} not found'.format(