Source code for cfme.fixtures.base

import pytest

from cfme.utils.appliance import DummyAppliance
from cfme.utils.log import logger
from cfme.utils.path import data_path
from cfme.fixtures.artifactor_plugin import fire_art_hook

@pytest.fixture(scope="session", autouse=True)
[docs]def ensure_websocket_role_disabled(appliance): # TODO: This is a temporary solution until we find something better. if isinstance(appliance, DummyAppliance) or appliance.is_dev: return server_settings = appliance.server.settings roles = server_settings.server_roles_db if 'websocket' in roles and roles['websocket']:'Disabling the websocket role to ensure we get no intrusive popups') server_settings.disable_server_roles('websocket')
@pytest.fixture(scope="session", autouse=True)
[docs]def fix_merkyl_workaround(request, appliance): """Workaround around merkyl not opening an iptables port for communication""" if isinstance(appliance, DummyAppliance) or appliance.is_dev: return ssh_client = appliance.ssh_client if ssh_client.run_command('test -s /etc/init.d/merkyl').failed:'Rudely overwriting merkyl init.d on appliance;') local_file = data_path.join("bundles").join("merkyl").join("merkyl") remote_file = "/etc/init.d/merkyl" ssh_client.put_file(local_file.strpath, remote_file) ssh_client.run_command("service merkyl restart") fire_art_hook( request.config, 'setup_merkyl', ip=appliance.hostname)
@pytest.fixture(scope="session", autouse=True)
[docs]def fix_missing_hostname(appliance): """Fix for hostname missing from the /etc/hosts file Note: Affects RHOS-based appliances but can't hurt the others so it's applied on all. """ if isinstance(appliance, DummyAppliance) or appliance.is_dev: return ssh_client = appliance.ssh_client"Checking appliance's /etc/hosts for its own hostname") if ssh_client.run_command('grep $(hostname) /etc/hosts').failed:'Setting appliance hostname') host_out = appliance.ssh_client.run_command('host {}'.format(appliance.hostname)) if host_out.success and 'domain name pointer' in host_out.output: # resolvable and reverse lookup, hostname property is an IP addr fqdn = host_out.output.split(' ')[-1].rstrip('\n').rstrip('.') elif host_out.success and 'has address' in host_out.output: # resolvable and address returned, hostname property is name fqdn = appliance.hostname else: # not resolvable, just use hostname output through appliance_console_cli to modify ret = ssh_client.run_command('hostname') logger.warning('Unable to resolve hostname, using output from `hostname`: %s', ret.output) fqdn = ret.output.rstrip('\n')'Setting hostname: %s', fqdn) appliance.appliance_console_cli.set_hostname(fqdn) if ssh_client.run_command('grep $(hostname) /etc/hosts').failed: logger.error('Failed to mangle /etc/hosts')