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# -*- coding: utf-8 -*-
from cfme.exceptions import OptionNotAvailable
from cfme.utils import version, deferred_verpick
from . import Instance

[docs]class GCEInstance(Instance): # CFME & provider power control options START = "Start" POWER_ON = START # For compatibility with the infra objects. STOP = "Stop" DELETE = "Delete" TERMINATE = deferred_verpick({ version.LOWEST: 'Terminate', '5.6.1': 'Delete', }) # CFME-only power control options SOFT_REBOOT = "Soft Reboot" # Provider-only power control options RESTART = "Restart" # CFME power states STATE_ON = "on" STATE_OFF = "off" STATE_SUSPENDED = "suspended" STATE_TERMINATED = "terminated" STATE_ARCHIVED = "archived" STATE_UNKNOWN = "unknown" @property def ui_powerstates_available(self): return { 'on': [self.STOP, self.SOFT_REBOOT, self.TERMINATE], 'off': [self.START, self.TERMINATE]} @property def ui_powerstates_unavailable(self): return { 'on': [self.START], 'off': [self.STOP, self.SOFT_REBOOT]}
[docs] def create(self, cancel=False, **prov_fill_kwargs): """Provisions an GCE instance with the given properties through CFME Args: cancel: Clicks the cancel button if `True`, otherwise clicks the submit button (Defaults to `False`) prov_fill_kwargs: dictionary of provisioning field/value pairs Note: For more optional keyword arguments, see :py:data:`` """ super(GCEInstance, self).create(form_values=prov_fill_kwargs, cancel=cancel)
[docs] def power_control_from_provider(self, option): """Power control the instance from the provider Args: option: power control action to take against instance Raises: OptionNotAvailable: option param must have proper value """ if option == GCEInstance.START: self.provider.mgmt.start_vm( elif option == GCEInstance.STOP: self.provider.mgmt.stop_vm( elif option == GCEInstance.RESTART: self.provider.mgmt.restart_vm( elif option == GCEInstance.TERMINATE: self.provider.mgmt.delete_vm( else: raise OptionNotAvailable(option + " is not a supported action")