cfme.automate.dialogs.dialog_tab module

class cfme.automate.dialogs.dialog_tab.Add(obj, navigate_obj)[source]

Bases: cfme.utils.appliance.implementations.ui.CFMENavigateStep


alias of AddTabView


This is a helper descriptor for destinations which are linked to an attribute of the object.

For instance, imagine you have an object that has an attribute(parent) which has a ‘ViewAll’, destination that needs to be visited before you can click on ‘New’. In this instance, you would need to make the ‘New’ destination use ‘ViewAll’ as a prerequisite. As this would need no other special input, we can use NavigateToAttribute as a helper, supplying only the name of the attribute which stores the object to be used in the navigation, and the destination name. This will set prerequisite to be a callable that will navigate to the prerequisite step.

class cfme.automate.dialogs.dialog_tab.DetailsTabView(*args, **kwargs)[source]

Bases: cfme.automate.dialogs.TabForm


This class handles instantiating and caching of the widgets on view.

It stores the class and the parameters it should be instantiated with. Once it is accessed from the instance of the class where it was defined on, it passes the instance to the widget class followed by args and then kwargs.

It also acts as a counter, so you can then order the widgets by their “creation” stamp.

class cfme.automate.dialogs.dialog_tab.EditTabView(*args, **kwargs)[source]

Bases: cfme.automate.dialogs.TabForm

class cfme.automate.dialogs.dialog_tab.Tab(parent, tab_label, tab_desc=None)[source]

Bases: cfme.modeling.base.BaseEntity

A class representing one Tab in the UI.


Returns parent object - Dialog

tab_desc = Attribute(name='tab_desc', default=None, validator=None, repr=True, cmp=True, hash=None, init=True, convert=None, metadata=mappingproxy({}))
tab_label = Attribute(name='tab_label', default=NOTHING, validator=None, repr=True, cmp=True, hash=None, init=True, convert=None, metadata=mappingproxy({}))
class cfme.automate.dialogs.dialog_tab.TabCollection(parent, filters=NOTHING)[source]

Bases: cfme.modeling.base.BaseCollection


alias of Tab

create(tab_label=None, tab_desc=None)[source]

Create tab method