Source code for fixtures.terminalreporter

# FlexibleTerminalReporter is imported for backward compatibility;
# it should be imported from pytest_store
from fixtures.pytest_store import store
from cfme.utils import diaper
from cfme.utils.log import logger

[docs]def reporter(config=None): """Return a py.test terminal reporter that will write to the console no matter what Only useful when trying to write to the console before or during a :py:func:`pytest_configure <pytest:_pytest.hookspec.pytest_configure>` hook. """ # config arg is accepted, but no longer needed thanks to pytest_store, so it is ignored return store.terminalreporter
[docs]def disable(): # Cloud be a FlexibleTerminalReporter, which is a subclass of TerminalReporter, # so match the type directly with diaper: store.pluginmanager.unregister(store.terminalreporter) logger.debug('terminalreporter disabled')
[docs]def enable(): with diaper: store.pluginmanager.register(store.terminalreporter, 'terminalreporter') logger.debug('terminalreporter enabled')