cfme.containers.topology module

class cfme.containers.topology.All(obj, navigate_obj)[source]

Bases: cfme.utils.appliance.implementations.ui.CFMENavigateStep


This is a helper descriptor for destinations which are linked to an attribute of the object.

For instance, imagine you have an object that has an attribute(parent) which has a ‘ViewAll’, destination that needs to be visited before you can click on ‘New’. In this instance, you would need to make the ‘New’ destination use ‘ViewAll’ as a prerequisite. As this would need no other special input, we can use NavigateToAttribute as a helper, supplying only the name of the attribute which stores the object to be used in the navigation, and the destination name. This will set prerequisite to be a callable that will navigate to the prerequisite step.

class cfme.containers.topology.Topology(appliance=None)[source]

Bases: cfme.common.TopologyMixin, cfme.utils.appliance.Navigatable

classmethod load_topology_page()[source]