cfme.configure.about module

class cfme.configure.about.AboutView(parent, logger=None, **kwargs)[source]

Bases: widgetastic.widget.View

The view for the about modal


This class handles instantiating and caching of the widgets on view.

It stores the class and the parameters it should be instantiated with. Once it is accessed from the instance of the class where it was defined on, it passes the instance to the widget class followed by args and then kwargs.

It also acts as a counter, so you can then order the widgets by their “creation” stamp.


Open the about modal and fetch the value for one of the fields ‘title’ and ‘trademark’ fields are allowed and get the header/footer values Raises ElementOrBlockNotFound if the field isn’t in the about modal :param field: string label for the detail field :return: string value from the requested field