Source code for markers.skipper

"""skipper: Autmatically skip tests with certain marks as defined in this module

This doesn't provide any special markers, but it does add behavor to marks defined in

import pytest

#: List of (mark, commandline flag) tuples. When the given mark is used on a test, it will
#: be skipped unless the commandline flag is used. If the mark is already found in py.test's
#: parsed mark expression, no changes will be made for that mark.
skip_marks = [
    ('long_running', '--long-running'),
    ('perf', '--perf')

_mark_doc = ('{mark}: Skip tests with the {mark} mark by default, unless {cmdline} commandline '
    'is used or the corresponding mark expression is used (e.g. "py.test -m {mark}")')

[docs]def pytest_addoption(parser): group = parser.getgroup('cfme') for dest, cmdline_opt in skip_marks: group.addoption(cmdline_opt, dest=dest, action='store_true', default=False, help="Run tests with the 'pytest.mark.{}' mark, which are skipped by default" .format(dest))
[docs]def pytest_configure(config): from fixtures.pytest_store import store marks_to_skip = [] mark_expr = [mark.strip(''''"()''') for mark in config.option.markexpr.split()] for dest, cmdline_opt in skip_marks: ignore_mark = getattr(config.option, dest) config.addinivalue_line('markers', _mark_doc.format(mark=dest, cmdline=cmdline_opt)) # Comparing against the mark_expr split/strip attempts to match just the mark words exactly; # if we make a mark called 'not' or 'in', I think we're asking for trouble anyway, # so this is probably a sane and simple way to prevent false positive matches if dest in mark_expr and ignore_mark: # If the mark is in the mark expression already and the commandline flag exists, # report the conflict to the terminal store.terminalreporter.write_line('{} already in cmdline mark expression, ' '{} flag ignored'.format(dest, cmdline_opt), yellow=True) continue elif dest in mark_expr or ignore_mark: # No need to log anything if there's no mark_expr / commandline flag conflict continue else: marks_to_skip.append(dest) # Build all the marks to skip into one flat mark expression rather than nesting skip_mark_expr = ' and '.join(['not {}'.format(mark) for mark in marks_to_skip]) # modify (or set) the mark expression to exclude tests as configured by the commandline flags if skip_mark_expr: if config.option.markexpr: config.option.markexpr = '({}) and ({})'.format(skip_mark_expr, config.option.markexpr) else: config.option.markexpr = skip_mark_expr
[docs]def pytest_collection_modifyitems(items): # mark all perf tests here so we don't have to maintain the mark in those modules for item in items: if item.nodeid.startswith('cfme/tests/perf'): item.add_marker(pytest.mark.perf)