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""" Provides video options

Yaml example:
    .. code-block:: yaml

               enabled: True
               dir: video
               display: ":99"
               quality: 10

import os
import os.path
import pytest
import re

from cfme.utils.conf import env
from cfme.utils.path import log_path
from import Recorder

vid_options = env.get('logging', {}).get('video')
recorder = None

[docs]def get_path_and_file_name(node): """Extract filename and location from the node. Args: node: py.test collection node to examine. Returns: 2-tuple `(path, filename)` """ vid_name = re.sub(r"[^a-zA-Z0-9_.\-\[\]]", "_", # Limit only sane characters vid_name = re.sub(r"[/]", "_", vid_name) # To be sure this guy doesn't get in vid_name = re.sub(r"__+", "_", vid_name) # Squash _'s to limit the length return, vid_name
[docs]def pytest_runtest_setup(item): global recorder if vid_options and vid_options['enabled']: vid_log_path = log_path.join(vid_options['dir']) vid_dir, vid_name = get_path_and_file_name(item) full_vid_path = vid_log_path.join(vid_dir) try: os.makedirs(full_vid_path.strpath) except OSError: pass vid_name = vid_name + ".ogv" recorder = Recorder(full_vid_path.join(vid_name).strpath) recorder.start() yield
[docs]def stop_recording(): global recorder if recorder is not None: try: recorder.stop() finally: recorder = None
[docs]def pytest_runtest_teardown(item, nextitem): yield stop_recording()
[docs]def pytest_unconfigure(config): yield stop_recording()