Source code for fixtures.templateloader

# -*- coding: utf-8 -*-
"""Preloads all templates on all providers that were selected for testing. Useful for test collect.
import pytest
from fixtures.pytest_store import store
from cfme.utils import trackerbot
from cfme.utils.providers import list_provider_keys


[docs]def pytest_addoption(parser): # Create the cfme option group for use in other plugins parser.addoption("--use-template-cache", dest="use_template_cache", action="store_true", default=False, help="Use a cached version of the templates and not redownload them")
[docs]def pytest_configure(config): if store.parallelizer_role == 'master' or trackerbot.conf.get('url') is None: return # A further optimization here is to make the calls to trackerbot per provider # and perhaps only pull the providers that are needed, however that will need # to ensure that the tests that just randomly use providers adhere to the filters # which may be too tricky right now. count = 0 if not config.getoption('use_template_cache'): store.terminalreporter.line("Loading templates from trackerbot...", green=True) provider_templates = trackerbot.provider_templates(trackerbot.api()) for provider in list_provider_keys(): TEMPLATES[provider] = provider_templates.get(provider, []) config.cache.set('miq-trackerbot/{}'.format(provider), TEMPLATES[provider]) count += len(TEMPLATES[provider]) else: store.terminalreporter.line("Using templates from cache...", green=True) provider_templates = None for provider in list_provider_keys(): templates = config.cache.get('miq-trackerbot/{}'.format(provider), None) if templates is None: store.terminalreporter.line( "Loading templates for {} from source as not in cache".format( provider), green=True) if not provider_templates: provider_templates = trackerbot.provider_templates(trackerbot.api()) templates = provider_templates.get(provider, []) config.cache.set('miq-trackerbot/{}'.format(provider), templates) count += len(templates) TEMPLATES[provider] = templates store.terminalreporter.line(" Loaded {} templates successfully!".format(count), green=True)