Source code for fixtures.qa_contact

from collections import defaultdict
import inspect
import subprocess
import re
import operator
from fixtures.artifactor_plugin import fire_art_test_hook
from fixtures.pytest_store import store

[docs]def dig_code(node): code_data = inspect.getsourcelines(node.function) lineno = code_data[1] offset = len(code_data[0]) filename = inspect.getfile(node.function) line_param = '-L {},+{}'.format(lineno, offset) cmd_params = ['git', 'blame', line_param, filename, '--show-email'] proc = subprocess.Popen(cmd_params, stdout=subprocess.PIPE, stderr=subprocess.PIPE) proc.wait() lc_info = proc.stdout.readlines() contact_stats = defaultdict(int) for line in lc_info: contact = re.findall('.{8} \(\<(.*?)\> ', line) contact_stats[contact[0]] += 1 sorted_x = sorted(contact_stats.items(), key=operator.itemgetter(1), reverse=True) results = [] for item in sorted_x: percen = float(item[1]) / float(offset) * 100 record = (item[0], percen) results.append(record) return results
[docs]def pytest_runtest_teardown(item, nextitem): qa_string = "Unknown,None" if hasattr(item, "_metadata") and item._metadata.get('owner') is not None: # The owner is specified in metadata qa_string = "{},from metadata" else: try: qa_arr = [] results = dig_code(item) for idx in range(min(2, len(results))): qa_arr.append("{},{:.2f}%\n".format(results[idx][0], results[idx][1])) if qa_arr: qa_string = "".join(qa_arr) except: pass fire_art_test_hook( item, 'filedump', description="QA Contact", contents=str(qa_string), file_type="qa_contact", group_id="qa-contact", slaveid=store.slaveid)
# group_id is not used for qa contact now, but thinking into the future