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# -*- coding: utf-8 -*-
"""This module operates the `Advanced search` box located on multiple pages."""
import re
from functools import partial

from cfme.fixtures import pytest_selenium as sel
from cfme.web_ui import expression_editor as exp_ed
from cfme.web_ui import Input, Region, Select, fill
from cfme.web_ui.form_buttons import FormButton
from cfme.utils.wait import wait_for
from cfme.utils.log import logger

search_box = Region(
        # Filter of results, the search field that is normally visible
        search_field=Input("search_text", "search[text]"),

        # The icon buttons for searching
        search_icon='(//button | //a)[(@type="submit" or @data-submit="searchbox") '
                    'and span[contains(@class, "fa-search")]]',

        # The arrow opening/closing the advanced search box
        toggle_advanced="(//button | //a)[@id='adv_search']",

        # Container for the advanced search box
        # class changes when visible or hidden, first locator does not indicate visibility
        advanced_search_box_visible="//div[@id='advsearchModal' and @class='modal fade in']"

        # Buttons on main view
        apply_filter_button=FormButton(alt="Apply the current filter",
                                       dimmed_alt='No filter available'),
        load_filter_button=FormButton(alt="Load a filter",
                                      dimmed_alt="No saved filters or report filters are "
                                                 "available to load"),
        delete_filter_button=FormButton("Delete the filter named", partial_alt=True),
        # No dimmed state for delete button, its removed/added to UI as it becomes relevant
        save_filter_button=FormButton(alt="Save the current filter",
                                      dimmed_alt='No filter available'),
        reset_filter_button=FormButton(alt="Reset the filter",
                                       dimmed_alt='No filter available'),

        # There are multiple close button divs, and they swap visibility with @style none/block
        close_button="//div[(@id='advsearchModal' or 'quicksearchbox') "
                     "and (normalize-space(@style)='display: block;')]//button[@class='close']"

        # Buttons in the "next step"
        load_filter_dialog_button=FormButton(alt="Load the filter shown above",
                                             dimmed_alt='Choose a saved filter or report filter '
                                                        'to load'),
        # No dimmed state in UI for save or cancel
        cancel_load_filter_dialog_button=FormButton(alt="Cancel the load"),
        save_filter_dialog_button=FormButton(alt="Save the current search"),
        cancel_save_filter_dialog_button=FormButton(alt="Cancel the save"),

        # If user input requested, this window appears

        # With these buttons
        userinput_apply_filter_button=FormButton(alt="Apply the current filter (Enter)",
                                                 dimmed_alt='No input to apply'),
        userinput_cancel_button=FormButton(alt="Cancel (Esc)"),

        # Elements in Load dialog
        # Selects for selecting the filter

        # Elements in Save dialog

        # On the main page, this link clears the filters
        clear_advanced_search="//a[contains(@href, 'adv_search_clear')]",

def _answering_function(answers_dict, text, element):
    """A generic answering function for filling user-input elements

        answers_dict: Dictionary with answers. Keys are patterns matched in `text`. If it is string,
            python's `in` operator is used. If it is an object produced by :py:func:`re.compile`,
            then it is matched using its `.match()` method. If matched, element is filled with the
            dict-key's value.
        text: Text that is provided by :py:func:`_process_user_filling`.
        element: Element that is provided by :py:func:`_process_user_filling`.
    for answer_key, answer_value in answers_dict.iteritems():
        if isinstance(answer_key, re._pattern_type):
            if answer_key.match(text) is not None:
                fill(element, str(answer_value))
                return True
            if answer_key in text:
                fill(element, str(answer_value))
                return True
        return False

[docs]def is_advanced_search_opened(): """Checks whether the advanced search box is currently opened""" # Covers advanced search sub-forms as well - user-input, load, and save return any(sel.is_displayed(loc) for loc in [search_box.advanced_search_box_visible, search_box.quick_search_box, search_box.saved_filter, search_box.save_name])
[docs]def is_advanced_search_possible(): """Checks for advanced search possibility in the quadicon view""" return sel.is_displayed(search_box.toggle_advanced)
[docs]def is_advanced_filter_applied(): """Checks whether any filter is in effect on quadicon view""" ensure_advanced_search_closed() return len(filter(sel.is_displayed, sel.elements(search_box.clear_advanced_search))) > 0
[docs]def ensure_no_filter_applied(): """If any filter is applied in the quadicon view, it will be disabled.""" # The expression filter if is_advanced_filter_applied(): logger.debug('search.ensure_no_filter_applied: advanced filter applied, removing') # Clear filter using breadcrumb link ensure_advanced_search_closed() # The simple filter if len(sel.value(search_box.search_field).strip()) > 0: logger.debug('search.ensure_no_filter_applied: simple filter applied, removing') sel.set_text(search_box.search_field, "") reset_filter()
[docs]def check_and_click_open(): """Check for display of advanced search open button and click it""" # Look for close button since it overlays the toggle button if not sel.is_displayed(search_box.close_button): logger.debug('search.check_and_click_open: clicking advanced search toggle')
[docs]def check_and_click_close(): """Check for display of advanced search close button and click it""" if sel.is_displayed(search_box.close_button): logger.debug('search.check_and_click_close: clicking advanced search close')
[docs]def ensure_advanced_search_open(): """Make sure the advanced search box is opened. If the advanced search box is closed, open it if it exists (otherwise exception raised). """ if not is_advanced_search_possible(): raise Exception("Advanced search is not possible in this location!") if not is_advanced_search_opened(): logger.debug('search.ensure_advanced_search_closed: search was closed, opening') # Open wait_for(is_advanced_search_opened, fail_condition=False, num_sec=10, delay=2, fail_func=check_and_click_open, message='Waiting for advanced search to open')
[docs]def ensure_advanced_search_closed(): """Checks if the advanced search box is open and if it does, closes it.""" if is_advanced_search_opened(): logger.debug('search.ensure_advanced_search_closed: search was open, closing') wait_for(is_advanced_search_opened, fail_condition=True, num_sec=10, delay=2, fail_func=check_and_click_close, message='Waiting for advanced search to close')
[docs]def reset_filter(): """Clears the filter expression Returns result of clicking reset when enabled Returns false when reset is button is disabled """ ensure_advanced_search_open() if not search_box.reset_filter_button.is_dimmed: out = else: out = False ensure_advanced_search_closed() return out
[docs]def apply_filter(): """Applies an existing filter""" ensure_advanced_search_open() if not search_box.apply_filter_button.is_dimmed: return else: return False
[docs]def delete_filter(cancel=False): """If possible, deletes the currently loaded filter.""" ensure_advanced_search_open() if sel.is_displayed(search_box.delete_filter_button):, wait_ajax=False) sel.handle_alert(cancel) return True else: return False
[docs]def ensure_normal_search_empty(): """Makes sure that the normal search field is empty.""" normal_search('')
[docs]def fill_expression(expression_program): """Wrapper to open the box and fill the expression Args: expression_program: the expression to be filled. """ ensure_advanced_search_open() exp_ed.create_program(expression_program)() # Run the expression editing
[docs]def save_filter(expression_program, save_name, global_search=False, cancel=False): """Fill the filtering expression and save it Args: expression_program: the expression to be filled. save_name: Name of the filter to be saved with. global_search: Whether to check the Global search checkbox. cancel: Whether to cancel the save dialog without saving """ fill_expression(expression_program) fill(search_box.save_name, save_name) fill(search_box.global_search, global_search) button = search_box.cancel_save_filter_dialog_button if cancel \ else search_box.save_filter_dialog_button return
[docs]def load_filter(saved_filter=None, report_filter=None, cancel=False): """Load saved filter Args: saved_filter: `Choose a saved XYZ filter` report_filter: `Choose a XYZ report filter` cancel: Whether to cancel the load dialog without loading """ ensure_advanced_search_open() if search_box.load_filter_button.is_dimmed: raise DisabledButtonException('Load Filter button disabled, cannot load filter: {}' .format(saved_filter)) assert saved_filter is not None or report_filter is not None, "At least 1 param required!" assert (saved_filter is not None) ^ (report_filter is not None), "You must provide just one!" # We apply it to the whole form but it will fill only one of the selects if saved_filter is not None: fill(search_box.saved_filter, saved_filter) else: # No other check needed, covered by those two asserts fill(search_box.report_filter, report_filter) button = search_box.cancel_load_filter_dialog_button if cancel \ else search_box.load_filter_dialog_button return
# todo update flash message handler def _process_user_filling(fill_callback, cancel_on_user_filling=False): """This function handles answering CFME's requests on user input. A `fill_callback` function is passed. If the box with user input appears, all requested inputs are gathered and iterated over. On each element the `fill_callback` function is called with 2 parameters: text which precedes the element itself to do matching, and the element. This function does not check return status after `fill_callback` call. Args: fill_callback: The function to be called on each user input. """ if has_quick_search_box(): # That is the one with user inputs if fill_callback is None: raise Exception("User should have provided a callback function!") if isinstance(fill_callback, dict): fill_callback = partial(_answering_function, fill_callback) for input in sel.elements( { "5.4": "//div[@id='user_input_filter']//*[contains(@id, 'value_')]" }, root=sel.element(search_box.quick_search_box)): fill_callback( # Let the func fill it sel.text(input.find_element_by_xpath("..")), # Parent element's text input # The form element ) if cancel_on_user_filling: else:
[docs]def load_and_apply_filter( saved_filter=None, report_filter=None, fill_callback=None, cancel_on_user_filling=False): """Load the filtering expression and apply it Args: saved_filter: `Choose a saved XYZ filter`. report_filter: `Choose a XYZ report filter`. fill_callback: Function to be called for each asked user input. """ ensure_advanced_search_closed() ensure_no_filter_applied() load_filter(saved_filter, report_filter) _process_user_filling(fill_callback, cancel_on_user_filling) ensure_advanced_search_closed()
[docs]def fill_and_apply_filter(expression_program, fill_callback=None, cancel_on_user_filling=False): """Fill the filtering expression and apply it Args: expression_program: Expression to fill to the filter. fill_callback: Function to be called for each asked user input (:py:func:`_process_user_filling`). """ ensure_advanced_search_closed() ensure_no_filter_applied() fill_expression(expression_program) _process_user_filling(fill_callback, cancel_on_user_filling) ensure_advanced_search_closed()
[docs]def save_and_apply_filter(expression_program, save_name, global_search=False): save_filter(expression_program=expression_program, save_name=save_name, global_search=global_search) apply_filter() ensure_advanced_search_closed()
[docs]class DisabledButtonException(Exception): def __init__(self, *args, **kwargs): Exception.__init__(self, *args, **kwargs)