Source code for cfme.utils.pretty

def _name(o):
    cls = o.__class__
    return "{}.{}".format(getattr(cls, '__module__', "module"),
                      getattr(cls, '__name__', "name"))

[docs]def attr_repr(o, attr): """Return the string repr of the attribute attr on the object o""" try: return repr(getattr(o, attr, None)) except BaseException: return None
[docs]def pretty_repr(attrs, o): pairs = zip(attrs, [attr_repr(o, attr) for attr in attrs]) return "<{} {}>".format(_name(o), ", ".join(["{}={}".format(i[0], i[1]) for i in pairs]))
[docs]def pr_obj(attrs): def x(o): return pretty_repr(attrs, o) return x
[docs]class Pretty(object): """A mixin that prints repr as <MyClass field1=..., field2=...>. The fields that will be printed should be stored in the class's pretty_attrs attribute (none by default). """ pretty_attrs = [] def __repr__(self): return pretty_repr(self.pretty_attrs, self)