Source code for cfme.utils.log_validator

import re
import pytest

from ssh import SSHTail
from cfme.utils.log import logger

[docs]class LogValidator(object): """ Log content validator class provides methods to fix the log content before test is started, and validate the content of log during test execution, according to predefined patterns. Predefined patterns are: * Logs which should be skipped. Skip further checks on particular line if matched * Logs which should cause failure of test. * Logs which are expected to be matched, otherwise fail. The priority of patterns to be checked are defined in above order. Skipping patterns have priority over other ones, to be possible to skip particular ERROR log, but fail for wider range of other ERRORs. Args: remote_filename: path to the remote log file skip_patterns: array of skip regex patterns failure_patterns: array of failure regex patterns matched_patterns: array of expected regex patterns to be matched Usage: .. code-block:: python evm_tail = LogValidator('/var/www/miq/vmdb/log/evm.log', skip_patterns=['PARTICULAR_ERROR'], failure_patterns=['.*ERROR.*'], matched_patterns=['PARTICULAR_INFO']) evm_tail.fix_before_start() evm_tail.validate_logs() """ def __init__(self, remote_filename, **kwargs): self.skip_patterns = kwargs.pop('skip_patterns', []) self.failure_patterns = kwargs.pop('failure_patterns', []) self.matched_patterns = kwargs.pop('matched_patterns', []) self._remote_file_tail = SSHTail(remote_filename, **kwargs) self.matches = {}
[docs] def fix_before_start(self): self._remote_file_tail.set_initial_file_end()
[docs] def validate_logs(self): for line in self._remote_file_tail: if self._check_skip_logs(line): continue self._check_fail_logs(line) self._check_match_logs(line) self._verify_match_logs()
def _check_skip_logs(self, line): for pattern in self.skip_patterns: if re.match(pattern, line):'Skip pattern {} was matched on line {},\ so skipping this line'.format(pattern, line)) return True return False def _check_fail_logs(self, line): for pattern in self.failure_patterns: if re.match(pattern, line):'Failure pattern {} was matched on line {}'.format(pattern, line)) def _check_match_logs(self, line): for pattern in self.matched_patterns: if re.match(pattern, line):'Expected pattern {} was matched on line {}'.format(pattern, line)) self.matches[pattern] = True def _verify_match_logs(self): for pattern in self.matched_patterns: if pattern not in self.matches:'Expected pattern {} did not match'.format(pattern))