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import sentaku

from cfme.utils.appliance import Navigatable
from cfme.common import WidgetasticTaggable
from cfme.utils.update import Updateable

[docs]class MyService(Updateable, Navigatable, WidgetasticTaggable, sentaku.modeling.ElementMixin): """ My Service main class to context switch between ui and ssui. All the below methods are implemented in both ui and ssui side . """ update = sentaku.ContextualMethod() retire = sentaku.ContextualMethod() retire_on_date = sentaku.ContextualMethod() exists = sentaku.ContextualMethod() delete = sentaku.ContextualMethod() set_ownership = sentaku.ContextualMethod() edit_tags = sentaku.ContextualMethod() check_vm_add = sentaku.ContextualMethod() download_file = sentaku.ContextualMethod() reconfigure_service = sentaku.ContextualMethod() launch_vm_console = sentaku.ContextualMethod() def __init__(self, appliance, name=None, description=None, vm_name=None): self.appliance = appliance = name self.description = description self.vm_name = vm_name self.parent = self.appliance.context
from . import ui, ssui # NOQA last for import cycles sentaku.register_external_implementations_in(ui, ssui)