Source code for cfme.scripting.tests.test_quickstart

# using subprocess because its a better docker api
# than the docker-py 1.10 we hard depend on
import subprocess
from cfme.utils import path
import pytest

    ('fedora:23', 'python3'),
    ('fedora:24', 'python3'),
    ('fedora:25', 'python3'),
    ('centos:7', 'python2'),

[docs]def check_docker(): try:"docker info", shell=True) except Exception: pytest.xfail('docker missing - testing quickstart needs docker')
[docs]def root_volume(): return path.project_path
[docs]def yamls_volume(): volume = path.project_path.join('../cfme-qe-yamls') if not volume.check(dir=1): pytest.xfail('qe yaml data not at the expected location') return volume
@pytest.mark.parametrize('image, python', IMAGE_SPEC) @pytest.mark.long_running
[docs]def test_quickstart_run(image, python, root_volume, yamls_volume): subprocess.check_call( "docker run " "--volume {root_volume}:/cfme/cfme_tests " "--volume {yamls_volume}:/cfme/cfme-qe-yamls " "--tty -w /cfme/cfme_tests " "" "{image} " "bash -c '" "{python} -m cfme.scripting.quickstart && " "{python} -m cfme.scripting.quickstart'" .format(**locals()), shell=True)