Source code for cfme.control.snmp_form

#!/usr/bin/env python2
# -*- coding: utf-8 -*-
"""This file contains useful classes for working with SNMP filling."""

from collections import Mapping

from cfme.web_ui import Select, Form, fill, Input
from cfme.fixtures import pytest_selenium as sel
from cfme.utils.log import logger
from cfme.utils.pretty import Pretty

[docs]class SNMPTrap(Pretty): """Nicer representation of the single SNMP trap Args: oid: SNMP OID type: SNMP type value: Value (default: `None`) """ pretty_attrs = ['oid', 'type', 'value'] def __init__(self, oid, type, value=None): self.oid = oid self.type = type self.value = value @property def as_tuple(self): """Return the contents as a tuple used for filling""" return (self.oid, self.type, self.value)
[docs]class SNMPTrapField(Pretty): """Class representing SNMP trap field consisting of 3 elements - oid, type and value Args: seq_id: Sequential id of the field. Usually in range 1-10 """ pretty_attrs = ['seq_id'] def __init__(self, seq_id): self.seq_id = seq_id @property def oid_loc(self): return Input('oid__{}'.format(self.seq_id)) @property def oid(self): return sel.get_attribute(self.oid_loc, "value") @oid.setter def oid(self, value): return fill(self.oid_loc, value) @property def type_loc(self): return Select("//select[@id='var_type__{}']".format(self.seq_id)) @property def type(self): return sel.text(self.type_loc.first_selected_option) @type.setter def type(self, value): return fill(self.type_loc, value) @property def value_loc(self): return Input('value__{}'.format(self.seq_id)) @property def value(self): return sel.get_attribute(self.value_loc, "value") @value.setter def value(self, value): return fill(self.value_loc, value)
@fill.method((SNMPTrapField, SNMPTrap))
[docs]def fill_snmp_trap_field_trap(field, val): return fill(field, val.as_tuple)
@fill.method((SNMPTrapField, tuple))
[docs]def fill_snmp_trap_field_tuple(field, val): assert 2 <= len(val) <= 3, "The tuple must be at least 2 items and max 3 items!" if len(val) == 2: val = val + (None,) field.oid, field.type, field.value = val logger.debug(' Filling in SNMPTrapField #%d with values %s, %s, %s', field.seq_id, field.oid, field.type, field.value)
@fill.method((SNMPTrapField, Mapping)) # dict because we disassemble it in web_ui
[docs]def fill_snmp_trap_field_dict(field, val): return fill(field, (val["oid"], val["type"], val.get("value")))
[docs]class SNMPTrapsField(Pretty): """Encapsulates all trap fields to simplify form filling Args: num_fields: How many SNMPTrapField to generate """ pretty_attrs = ['num_fields'] def __init__(self, num_fields): assert num_fields > 0, "You must have at least one field!" self.traps = [SNMPTrapField(i + 1) for i in range(num_fields)]
@fill.method((SNMPTrapsField, list))
[docs]def fill_snmp_traps_field_list(field, values): assert len(values) <= len(field.traps), "You cannot specify more traps than fields" for i, value in enumerate(values): fill(field.traps[i], value)
@fill.method((SNMPTrapsField, SNMPTrap)) @fill.method((SNMPTrapsField, tuple))
[docs]def fill_snmp_traps_field_single_trap(field, value): fill(field.traps[0], value)
[docs]class SNMPHostsField(object): """Class designed for handling the two-type snmp hosts field. They can be 3 or just single.""" @property def host_fields(self): """Returns list of locators to all host fields""" if sel.is_displayed(Input('host')): return [Input('host')] else: return [Input('host_{}'.format(i + 1)) for i in range(3)]
@fill.method((SNMPHostsField, list)) @fill.method((SNMPHostsField, tuple))
[docs]def fill_snmp_hosts_field_list(field, values): fields = field.host_fields if len(values) > len(fields): raise ValueError("You cannot specify more hosts than the form allows!") for i, value in enumerate(values): fill(fields[i], value)
@fill.method((SNMPHostsField, basestring))
[docs]def fill_snmp_hosts_field_basestr(field, value): fill(field, [value])
[docs]class SNMPForm(object): """Class encapsulating the most common (and hopefully single) configuration of SNMP form Usage: form = SNMPForm() fill(form, dict( hosts=["host1", "host2"], traps=[ ("aaa", "Counter32", 125), # Takes 3-tuples ("bbb", "Null"), # 2-tuples with no value specified SNMPTrap("ccc", "Gauge32", 256), # objects dtto SNMPTrap("ddd", "Null"), # value can be unspecified too {"oid": "eee", "type": "Integer", "value": 42} # omg dict too! Yay. ], version="v2", id="aabcd", )) """ fields = Form(fields=[ ("hosts", SNMPHostsField()), ("version", Select("//select[@id='snmp_version']")), ("id", Input('trap_id')), ("traps", SNMPTrapsField(10)), ])
@fill.method((SNMPForm, dict))
[docs]def fill_snmp_form(form, values, *rest, **kwrest): """I wanted to use dict but that is overrided in web_ui that it disassembles dict to list of tuples :(""" return fill(form.fields, values)