Source code for cfme.control.import_export

# -*- coding: utf-8 -*-
from cfme.utils.appliance.implementations.ui import navigator, navigate_to, CFMENavigateStep
from navmazing import NavigateToSibling

from widgetastic.widget import Select, ClickableMixin
from widgetastic_patternfly import BootstrapSelect, Button, Input

from cfme.base.login import BaseLoggedInPage
from cfme.base.ui import Server

[docs]class InputButton(Input, ClickableMixin): pass
[docs]class ControlImportExportView(BaseLoggedInPage): upload_button = InputButton("commit") export_button = Button("Export") commit_button = Button("Commit") upload_file = Input("upload[file]") export = BootstrapSelect("dbtype") policy_profiles = Select(id="choices_chosen_") @property def is_displayed(self): return ( self.logged_in_as_current_user and self.navigation.currently_selected == ["Control", "Import / Export"] )
[docs]class ControlImportExport(CFMENavigateStep): VIEW = ControlImportExportView prerequisite = NavigateToSibling("LoggedIn")
[docs] def step(self):"Control", "Import / Export")
[docs]def import_file(filename, cancel=False): """ Go to Control / Import Export and import given file. Args: filename: Full path to file to import. cancel: Whether to click Cancel instead of commit. """ view = navigate_to(Server, "ControlImportExport") assert view.is_displayed view.fill({ "upload_file": filename }) if cancel: else: view.flash.assert_no_error() view.flash.assert_message("Press commit to Import")
[docs]def is_imported(policy_profile): view = navigate_to(Server, "ControlImportExport") assert view.is_displayed return policy_profile in